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DJ Tay James – – Episode 18

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 13, 2010

As Justin Bieber’s, My World 2.0 tour continues to push forward, so does his crew right along with him. In this episode of We Know the DJ, catch up with DJ Tay James, Legaci, and Saiah as they do a live acoustic mashup– leave your turn tables and cd players at home.

Make sure you check out the other episodes at Follow the success!

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Grade A: The Weekly Drop 6.14.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 14, 2010

Not Bad for a Small town Girl...Lincoln, NE to Springfield, MASS - "Miacola"

Simply put. Here’s a few news events we thought were worthy of your attention. Plus, a little Eye Candy above that might have drawn you in to begin with. Leave a comment below if you think Miacola should be a GradeA Model of the Month. Enjoy reading and Live a GradeA Lifestyle my friends…

The BIG Review: Breaking Down Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ [Vibe]

Kid Cudi Arrested on Violence, Drug Charges [People] Read the rest of this entry »

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Grade A: DJ Tay James – WeKnowWhatsHot VOL. 1

Posted by djtayjames on May 25, 2010

For those of you who are more into the Top 40/popular music scene– look no more to find the good stuff. Without being as cheesy and over the top as a NOW CD, DJ Tay James has brought that Grade A spirit to the Top 40 market.

As the Official DJ of Justin Bieber, Tay James has been traveling the country and the world, getting a taste of everything. Good and Bad, his sense for What’s Hot and What’s Not is impeccable. This brand new Grade A Mixtapes Series showcases some of the TOP artists across the country, on the Billboards, on your radios, and in the clubs.

WeKnowWhatsHot Vol. 1 is guaranteed to get you ready to hit the club, head to the beach, or just get you ready for whatever the occassion. This is a must download for the Spring/Summer 2010.

–Consider this your Put On; cause in a few more volumes, say “Bye Bye NOW” and “Hello WEKNOWWHATSHOT”

Grade A Download: DJ Tay James – WeKnowWhatsHot Vol. 1

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Grade A: DJ Tay James – CollegeRadio 15

Posted by Mr. Put On on May 25, 2010

DJ Tay James and Hollywood Lue (@HollywoodLue) grace the cover

Here we are– the 15th installment of CollegeRadio. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what CollegeRadio Mixtapes are, I’ll sum it up briefly. CollegeRadio is a mixtape series of all the hottest tracks of the current moment and the near future. DJ Tay James, with normal assistance from J. Tinsley puts together a careful selection of the best tracks out every time it drops guaranteed.

CollegeRadio 15 – Rhythm & Blues is a compilation of smooth sultry sounds that exemplify the title Rhythm and Blues; some hip-hop, some pop, some rap, some R&B. All one common theme- Read the rest of this entry »

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Soulja Boy Feat. Justin Bieber – “Rich Girl”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 23, 2010

Don’t act surprised to see this song posted on Grade A. You already know that Young Bieber’s Official DJ is none other than co-founder of Grade A DJ Tay James, plus like the other millions of fans out there we happen to actually like the young heart throb’s music. And on top of all that helping to push this song to the masses only helps to silence the naysayers that believe JB’s BET nomination was unwarranted. Do I think Justin Bieber and BET are a good fit? That’s another and another post but I do happen to like this song.

Always one for the lighthearted sing song feel once an a while I have allowed myself to indulge in Soulja Boy’s latest offering. Certainly not straying too far from his original roots Dre manages to create a pure crossover hit that will surely have the preteens singing along. From two artists who haven’t found making hits hard to come by this definitely will add to their lists. This Julkeyz produced track provides a smooth and rhythmic beat that Bieber adds his vocals over to create a sixteen year olds dream. Read the rest of this entry »

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Grade A: Ep. 13 – The Mashup Part II

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 7, 2010

The Homie DJ Tay James has stayed consistent with his committment to keep his fans in tuned with what he’s up to. As you may know The Boy Wonder has been on a nationwide tour with the world renowned phenom Justin Bieber. Of late the tour has been on a short hiatus as the Biebermaniacs gear up for the My World Tour set to start off June 23rd, 2010 in Hartford at the XL Center.

In his free time Tay James has partnered up with another one of the DMV’s most visible turn table guru’s; the creative DJ Soundwave also makes an appearance in this video. Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending a DJ Tay James event has come accustom to his innovative and crowd pleasing remixes. Here, he displays his latest creation which provides a little sample of what he mixes on tour with one of the biggest radio hits of 2010. If you’re looking for the download of this mashup, you’ll have to wait on that. But not to worry, when DJ Tay James has compiled another mixtape ready for distribution you can of course download it here first…CERTIFIED

T. Adeyemi

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Grade A: DJ Tay James – Episode 12

Posted by Mr. Put On on May 4, 2010

So, the self-proclaimed Mr. Grade A has been hard at work on tour with the pop sensation Justin Bieber. Justin will be starting his own tour this summer, but has been on the road hitting stages and tv sets from here to Timbuktu promoting his My World and My World 2.0 albums. Check out this Episode of DJ Tay James’ adventures. Except to see more music, and tour updates from Tay.

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Diggy Interview x Freestyle on 106 & Park

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 31, 2010

My second favorite Simmons (after Vanessa of course) Goes IN, well underage style on 106 & Park last night. The boy is definitely going to make some noise, evidenced by his growing following internet wide and the over 100,000 downloads that he mentions during the interview.

The only advice I have for young Diggy is make sure you do at LEAST one track with Justin Bieber. The two of these young heart-throbs on the same song is a guaranteed goldmine. And if you don’t know who Bieber is, first of all you should feel foolish. Secondly, head on over to and check out my boy aka Justin’s Official Dj, DJ Tay James.

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Grade A: Dave Coresh – Formal Introduction (Mixed by DJ Tay James)

Posted by Mr. Put On on March 19, 2010

Once again, the DJ Tay James creation known very well as the Grade A Mixtape series has been strengthened with the addition of Dave Coresh. A native of Chicago Illionois, Dave is a major player in the young Hip-Hop game. As his Grade A Mixtape predecessor J. Cole was, Coresh is swimming in his own pool, making his own waves; Until– Read the rest of this entry »

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DTLR & Present: The Spring Break Mixtape

Posted by Mr. Put On on March 10, 2010

Spring Break is here! DJ Tay James teams up with DTLR to bring you the latest in Hip-Hop and R&B. The Spring Break Mixtape is a must have as you take flight for your SB destinations. Miami, Cancun, Vegas, LA, NY, Paris, London, Naples, Jamaica, etc. Wherever this beautiful spring weather is taking you, bring the Spring Break Mixtape with you and you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy yourself. Especially if your headed to the Club nearby your beach or poolside getaway. Turn this banger on, and you and the whole crew will be ROCKIN with brand new hits from artists like Lil wayne, Gucci mane, Young Jeezy, Party Boys, Yung LA, Soulja boy, Roscoe Dash, Drake, Mishon, Blake Kelly, and a whole bunch more!

Consider this your Spring Break Put ON! You can thank us little guys here at Grade A in advanced for the drop. Tell your friends, and enjoy!

Grade A Download: DTLR and Present: The Spring Break Mixtape

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