Grade A Certified

Grade A: DJ Tay James – WeKnowWhatsHot VOL. 1

Posted by djtayjames on May 25, 2010

For those of you who are more into the Top 40/popular music scene– look no more to find the good stuff. Without being as cheesy and over the top as a NOW CD, DJ Tay James has brought that Grade A spirit to the Top 40 market.

As the Official DJ of Justin Bieber, Tay James has been traveling the country and the world, getting a taste of everything. Good and Bad, his sense for What’s Hot and What’s Not is impeccable. This brand new Grade A Mixtapes Series showcases some of the TOP artists across the country, on the Billboards, on your radios, and in the clubs.

WeKnowWhatsHot Vol. 1 is guaranteed to get you ready to hit the club, head to the beach, or just get you ready for whatever the occassion. This is a must download for the Spring/Summer 2010.

–Consider this your Put On; cause in a few more volumes, say “Bye Bye NOW” and “Hello WEKNOWWHATSHOT”

Grade A Download: DJ Tay James – WeKnowWhatsHot Vol. 1


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