Grade A Certified


DJ TAY JAMES: “The Life of The Party”


DJ SoundWave: “Mr. Up & Coming”



DJ Soundwave began his career at the age of 13 when he purchased his first set of turntables. DJing remained a hobby for DJ Soundwave up until the age of 17 when he graduated high school. After high school Soundwave attended the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland studying radio broadcasting and through his studies was able to land an internship at WPGC 95.5 FM in Washington, DC. Soundwave’s persistence soon turned his internship into a job and at the age of 19 he became the youngest mixer on WPGC 95.5. DJ Soundwave has become a household name in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) Area. He is a member of the Lord Gang DJs, Street Jocks U.S.A., the Power House DJs and also the official DTLR DJ for Washington, DC and the National DJ for DTLR Radio. From the radio to the club to mixtapes, DJing is what Soundwave does. Pay attention ladies and gentlemen this young man is going places!

DJ Marvalous: “Mr. Versastyle”


Inspired by his older brother, Marvin “DJ Marvalous” Ganthier started DJ’n in 9th grade.  He started off just throwing little house parties with his boys, which eventually turned to various venues where he would throw parties.  Even in doing so DJ’n in high school Marvin was more focused on football, track, and other sports rather then DJ’n. It wasn’t until his freshmen year of college at Hampton University when he decided to take it more serious.  He linked up with DJ Tay James, DJ Boogie, and other Hampton DJ’s and then began to polish his skills.  Since then, DJ Marvalous has seen his name grow, and popularity increase.  He’s DJ and several clubs and venues in the DMV along with the Hampton Roads area, and has done several mixtapes which include the widely popular series of Centsless Clothing Co mixtapes Panty Droppas , Dimes & Nicks, and Space Jams. With his Caribbean background, and his PG County roots, he gained broad respect and understanding of several different genres of music, and he is able to incorporate this into his shows and mixes.  Therefore earning him the nick name of “Mr. Versastyle”.

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