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Grade A: The News Drop 10.18.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on October 18, 2010

Baton Rogue product Brittany DeShay

No need for an introduction this week. We think the news links we’ll speak for themselves. It seems like there’s always a lot of drama, news, and craziness during this part of the year. Do people really SHOCK you anymore? Click the links to see if you’ve lost your fear factor.

Sade Says She’s Denied Jay-Z For A Collaboration [BallerStatus]

E-Cycle: The 5 Best Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Gadgets [Complex]

Should We Lower the Federal Minimum Wage? GOPers Say ‘Yes!’ [BlackVoices] Read the rest of this entry »


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Grade A: The Weekly Drop 6.21.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 21, 2010

Is D.C.'s Jade-X ready to be the next Grade A Model of the Month?


From us to you, here’s a few news worthy stories that we found informing and/or interesting and decided to share with you. Trust us, your week will be for the better by checking out these links. If not, well at least you have some water cooler conversation starters *Kanye Shrug*. 

11 Music Superstars Who are Technically One-Hit Wonders [11 points] 

Erykah Badu Talks Love Life, Selling Sex and Radio [SingersRoom] 

The Champ Is Here: Ron Artest’s New Rap Song Vs. 10 Other Championship Anthems [Vibe] Read the rest of this entry »

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Dirty Money Feat. Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj – “Hello Good Morning” Remix Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 21, 2010

Once again the boy Diddy proves that no one can transition from boardroom to video shoot like him. And he also proves that he believes there’s no such thing as “too much of a good thing.” After releasing numerous remixes to Dirty Money’s smash hit “Hello Good Morning,” Diddy apparently decided to continue to ride this wave as long as he could.

So post his newly inked management deals with Ricky Rozay and Nicki Minaj Diddy’s figured why not get his money’s worth out of them as soon as possible. Isn’t this what you would expect from the guy? Read the rest of this entry »

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ABC’s Martin Bashir Interviews Diddy on “Being Diddy”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 15, 2010

The man, the legend, and certainly far  from a myth, Diddy has become the ultimate sense of what a mogul is over his some twenty odd year career. I for a long time have proclaimed to my friends & colleagues that NO ONE is as influential as Diddy. Yes, I said it. And for the record I do not mean just in the sense of Hip Hop culture. Diddy’s journey from Uptown Records intern to a man who owns a piece of almost everything when it comes to living a Hip Hop lifestyle has been nothing short of remarkable. Now, I’m not going to comb through his bio just to reinforce all the milestones and accolades that Diddy has achieved, there’s Wikipedia for that. Instead, I just encourage you to realize three things about Mr. Sean Combs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Grade A: The Weekly Drop 6.14.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 14, 2010

Not Bad for a Small town Girl...Lincoln, NE to Springfield, MASS - "Miacola"

Simply put. Here’s a few news events we thought were worthy of your attention. Plus, a little Eye Candy above that might have drawn you in to begin with. Leave a comment below if you think Miacola should be a GradeA Model of the Month. Enjoy reading and Live a GradeA Lifestyle my friends…

The BIG Review: Breaking Down Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ [Vibe]

Kid Cudi Arrested on Violence, Drug Charges [People] Read the rest of this entry »

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D.C. Don Juan “Lookie Looky” Remix Feat. Que & Dawn Richards

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 23, 2010

The homie Ant Hampton looked out and dropped this in the GradeA inbox for us to take a listen. After about three spins I’ve kind of let the remix grow on me. The original has garnered much attention in the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area. D.C. Don Juan with assistance from his manager Anthony Hampton are making the internet rounds once again, this time with former Day 26 member Que and former Danity Kane turned Dirty Money member Dawn Richards in tow.

The track which boasts Don Juan promoting what I like to call “self-esteem music” has the same catchy hook along with a new verse from ‘Mr. I Love Myself.’ Neither Que or Dawn are known for their remix game, but both add a different element to the already successful song. Que doesn’t really make the impact I would have expected but nonetheless his career hasn’t been what he may have expected after leaving the boy band image behind. However, Dawn does her best to showcase her increasing talent with a verse that includes a few solid lines. Read the rest of this entry »

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Diddy’s Genius Apology on Behalf of Ciroc

Posted by Mr. Put On on April 23, 2010

What more was expected? A real apology? HAHAHAHAHA! Well I just thought this was funny; Diddy finds new ways to wow the people in flagrant ways. I don’t know of many men who can sit in their bubble bath and virtually shoot a commercial by sipping Ciroc from a martini glass. It’s genius, pure genuis.

Now this is one man about his money, everything planned, everything executed, everything marketable, everything sells. I’m pretty sure he said it on one of his shows– he’s a walking brand, Bad Boy, Sean John, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, Ciroc etc. Unless this man is by himself, you can believe he’s selling something. Water to a well? I think he’s passed that feat years ago.

Congrats to Ciroc for winning the Premium Vodka Double Gold Award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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Dirty Money feat. T.I. – “Hello, Good Morning” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 30, 2010

Sean and the band (no pun intended) may have found themselves a bonafide hit with “Hello, Good Morning.” It’s uptempo, catchy, touts a superstar co-sign (no, not Diddy) and has Danja on the beat. Sounds like a recipe for success. Maybe it’s pure coincidence or something that’s premeditated, but it seems as long as Dirty Money has a rapper featured on every track, Last Train To Paris may be quite the trip. Look at the body of work thus far. Read the rest of this entry »

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Take That! Take That!

Posted by servontaym on February 7, 2010

“Give me my swag back I let ya’ll rent it” Diddy

It just wouldn’t be a big celebrity filled weekend without the apearance from Sean Puff Daddy Puffy  P. Diddy Diddy Combs. Earlier this week  he put out a remix of “O’ Let’s Do It” with Waka Flocka and Rick Ross. Well, he wouldn’t be stopped there. He went to the next level and made a video just for his verse.  I guess when you have people walk to get cheesecake you really can’t even be stopped from doing anything. And you already know he had something in there about Ciroc it just wouldn’t make it an official song.  The true question is when is the Last Train to Paris taking off? Because I’m sure this song will not make the last cut.

Grade A Bonus: Check Out the entire Remix + Waka’s Original Video

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Chester French Feat. Diddy & Jadakiss – “Ciroc Star” Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 4, 2010

First things first, let me hand in my late pass for somehow not getting the memo that Diddy & the Chester French boys FINALLY put a visual to the underground hit “Ciroc Star.” Honestly, I had given up on the idea that a video would ever surface even though CF promised it some time ago. This past summer my homie Vance & I hit the clubs with Ciroc in our systems, OG Diddy’s of course (Ciroc, lemonade, & Welch’s grape juice in case you were wondering) and of course this track made the pre-club playlist.

The video provides a bridge back to the mixtape, or more like free album that CF released back in April of ’09. If you missed out on this hidden gem, then you ought to feel stupid. Seriously, I haven’t heard a mixtape with this many quality features in a long time. With the likes of Pharrell, Wale, Pusha-T, Talbi Kweli, and Lady GaGa making appearances just to name a few, you certainly need to give this album a listen. If you missed it the first go round, then I guess I’m nice enough to give you a second chance.

Read the rest of this entry »

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