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Music Review: Vado – Slime Flu

Posted by Okla Jones on October 26, 2010

During the late 1920s through the early 1930s, Harlem, NYC was the mecca of the African-American universe. It was a cultural movement that consisted of an evolution of literature, art and music. So, anyone from that particular suburb of Manhattan knows what it means to be born and raised there. Since then, the musical mecca has shifted to almost every part of the nation at one point or another. In the 1970s a new art form was presented to the national stage, the genre that we have all come to know and love as hip-hop. It was not centered in Harlem specifically, but in the borough of the Bronx… but it was New York City nonetheless. As history shows us, about every 10-15 years, the rap spotlight shifts back to NYC, and in 2010 the man who many consider would be the one to “bring the Big Apple back” is Cam’Ron’s protégé and fellow Harlemite, Vado.

Upon giving the phrase “slime” national acclaim, on October 12, Vado released his highly anticipated Slime Flu project to the masses. Lyrically he isn’t the sharpest rapper to ever do it, but like artist such as Nas, DMX, and 50 Cent (just to name a few…) he brings a refreshing sound to the game, one that we haven’t heard in a few years. Read the rest of this entry »

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On My Philly Sh*t x Young Chris – Philly Sh*t

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 18, 2010

It’s no secret that ever since I came back to the tri-state I’ve spent a large majority of time in Philly, partying, promoting, planning, hanging, etc. The culture of Philadelphia, as is the culture of any other major city in the world, has its own flavor and completely different feel. Most people think, “oh yeah, Philly” as though it’s just over there in PA, doing its own thing and when they get to it, they get to it. The important thing is, when they get to it…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alba Lydia – October Featured Model

Posted by Ebony on October 18, 2010

It’s October and yes, the fall season is here, tempting us with that option to go outside looking groggy- but don’t fret! We’re here to show you how to keep it cute all year long.

While fashion trends may change with the seasons, smoking hot models are always in style. With her creativity and outgoing personality to assist her staggering photos, this month’s Grade A model Alba Lydia, is flaunting a bold style. Alba’s diverse portfolio speaks for itself so we had no problem with selecting her and her kick-ass style for this month’s feature.

She’s the model-type chick that can be seen gracing the cover of Maxim magazine or strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runway. This girl can do it all. So watch out Adriana Lima, we got another AL coming for your spot! She’s sultry and she’s fun. She’s definitely Grade A.  Check her out guys. Leave your comments and compliments about Alba Lydia below and be sure to visit her Model Mayhem Port and hit her up on Twitter. I’m warning you though, she’s something like, Amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Music Review: Trey Songz – “Passion, Pain & Pleasure”

Posted by Okla Jones on September 29, 2010

Some people call it luck; I call it the outcome of years of hard work. A wise man once told me that luck presents itself when preparation meets opportunity… makes sense right? Think of when hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace were senselessly murdered over a misunderstanding that was blown totally out of proportion. The crown was vacant, but it was Jay-Z that rose to the occasion; and the same thing can be said about Virginia’s own Trey Songz. After former R&B king Usher took his hiatus, and Chris Brown decided he wanted to be the Ike Turner of the new millennium, Mr. “Steal Yo Girl” waited patiently while continuing to produce great music. He also developed a massive following on Twitter that created a bond with his fans that today is rarely seen. After setting the standard for R&B mixtapes, Trigga released Ready and soon thereafter became the genre’s “It” guy… and he never looked back.

With the recent release of Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Songz gave us a glimpse into the early 90’s, channeling legendary acts such as R. Kelly, Jodeci and Silk; just to name a few. This is definitely a babymaking CD, and a damn good one at that. This album is a bit less uptempo than it’s predecessor but it stays true to concepts of love, heartache, relationships and just plain, good ol’ “pimpin”. One thing that Trey has mastered these past few years is that of club bangers. The single “Bottoms Up” featuring Young Money’s own Nicki Minaj has been tearing up the charts, and fits perfectly with the album, while having a different sound all it’s own. In 18 tracks, the title artist manages to cover most of the emotions that your everyday young black male goes through, and even a bit more.

When one follows Trey Songz’s career it becomes difficult not to compare him to R. Kelly. Their similar styles of “rap-singing” is extremely catchy; with Trey’s writing ability has progressed throughout the years and will only get better with time. The cut “Can’t Be Friends” is a hit, and it speaks to the masses, because almost everyone has been in this situation before. It is specifically tracks like this that deepens the connection with his fans. The “Passion”, “Pain” and “Pleasure” interludes are all ballads (like most of the album…) but the concepts are very genuine, and adds a different facet to the Passion, Pain & Pleasure. “Already Taken” the disc’s final song, keeps all of the female listeners thinking, knowing that if given the right opportunity, any man would settle down; but only with the right one.

All in all, PP&P is a good album; it doesn’t have quite the bang that Ready possessed but that’s because this CD followed a different pattern vocally. Trey is the best crooner but his topics really hit home with the listeners. Only time will tell if he will be able to withstand the “Here today, gone tomorrow” tradition of the industry but he’s definitely making a great attempt to keep his name atop the R&B charts. Check out the album, it’s for sure a winner if you’re trying to set the mood right with that special someone.

– Oak

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Kanye West’s VMA Performance Featuring Pusha T – “Runaway”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on September 13, 2010

Truly the man of the hour last night, Kanye in many people’s opinion saved the night for MTV. Amongst the spectacle that is Lady Gaga  that was  paraded in front of the camera seemingly all night due to her eight victories, plus a night of suspect hosting by Chelsea Handler aka Chelsea Lately, Kanye’s star shined the brightest.

Kanye who more than likely had been awaiting this moment more than anyone prepared a new song especially for the VMA’s. As did his arch nemesis Taylor Swift, who performed earlier in the night. Kanye’s brashness and critical musical opinion has been well documented throughout his career. Which culminated with his interruption of Swift during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMA’s. Read the rest of this entry »

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Music Review: Big Sean – Finally Famous v. 3: BIG

Posted by Okla Jones on September 10, 2010

For most new artists it’s very difficult to emerge from the spotlight of a superstar. Rappers like Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, and Drag-On (just to name a few…) never got their just credit due to the fact that the same record label they inhabited was also home to a superstar. From time to time however, the world gets to enjoy the immense talent of artists such as Snoop, 50 Cent and Kanye West; who build a name for themselves while still being able to co-exist with their predecessors. It may take some time and hard work, but they too become famous…. Finally. Detroit’s own Big Sean has definitely made a name for himself. From being a inductee of XXL‘s Freshmen 10 for ’10, to creating of the ever so popular flow that Young Money has made famous, it’s only a matter of time before his highly anticipated debut album hits shelves. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint, but that is a double-edged sword as I stated earlier.

Last week, Big Sean released the third installment of his Finally Famous mixtape series entitled: BIG. Hosted by Don Cannon, Finally Famous v.3 contains 18 cuts with some nice beats and even better features. At times, Big Sean sounds a lot like a well-known rapper/producer from Chicago but after listening to the mixtape, he definitely has a style that he can call his own. On the first track entitled “Final Hour”, with howling acclamations from the host DJ, Sean uses that “lazy” flow that we’ve all come to enjoy in order to boast and brag about his lyrical prowess. A personal favorite of many is the remix to “Fat Raps”, which features Chip tha Ripper, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish and Boldy. It’s a classic track with an infectious beat, just simply a song that you can ride to; day in and day out.

In his popular cover of Gucci’s hit, which he coined “Supa Dupa Lemonade” Sean states: “I spit that retarded sh*t, call it autism…” The mixtape isn’t all about money and drugs, for this Motown native has a couple of tracks dedicated to the women, which gives FF3 that mass appeal and hopefully will contribute to the future crossover success of his forthcoming album. All in all, this a traditional mixtape, with Big Sean giving it his own little twist. I’ve even included the download link if you’d like to hear it, hear it go!

DL: Big Sean – Finally Famous v. 3: BIG

– Oak

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Music Review: Wale – More About Nothing (Mixtape)

Posted by Okla Jones on August 19, 2010

It’s both a burden and an honor to be the representative of an entire group of people. It’s considered a position of power… but with great power, comes great responsibility. Olubowale Folarin, more commonly known as Wale, is the first real hip-hop artist to make it out of the trenches of Washington, D.C. His metaphors, wordplay and rhyme scheme is something that he can honestly call his own, which is atypical of most rappers today. Ever since being nominated for XXL‘s ’09 class of the Freshman 10, he has not only been on a serious grind, but has remained consistent every step of the way. On August 3rd, in collaboration with Roc Nation x DJ Omega x The Board Administration, he released the sequel to his Mixtape About Nothing, aptly titled: More About Nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Karen Tysin – August Featured Model

Posted by Ebony on August 9, 2010

Summer is coming close to an end, and the weather can’t seem to present us with a steady forecast. One minute its scattered showers and the next, we’re getting blinded by the white-hot sun. But even with the occasional thunder storms; one thing for sure is that the heat keeps coming. Just like the weather, our featured model selection  remains unpredictable, yet increasingly hot. These are the type of women that’ll have you coming back for more. If it were any other way, it just wouldn’t be Grade A.

Karen Tysin, our featured Model for the month of August, has a look that is absolutely stunning. Her exotic sex appeal is quite obvious when viewing her photos. Not so obvious is the journey that Karen has paved for her self by persevering through hard times. From overcoming scams; a known hoax of the modeling industry, to successfully dealing with consequences of mistakes that were made out of young age. We all remember what it is like to be young and know how vital it is to our growth to learn from those most impressionable years. Karen has demonstrated what it means to be undefeated by a battle that would typically kill the drive of an aspiring model. Read the rest of this entry »

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Self Explanitory – MMW (Music, Money, Weed) Vol. 2: I Juz Dnt Give A Fu*k

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 2, 2010

Design by @CBCustomz

It’s been a long road for Self-Explanitory. and I can truly say that in the last 365 (days, that is) the dude has really stepped it up. His lyrics, his flow, his ability, his message, his depth, they have all substantially improved since back in the day.

From the mispelling of his own name, to his image, to his music, his latest project is just that– Self Explanatory. “I Juz Dnt Give A Fu*k” is a title most fitting for this man who I’ve gotten to know in the past 4 years. Making headway in his rap career, Self-Explanitory has begun to do shows around the south, spanning Virginia to Georgia, and anywhere in-between. Read the rest of this entry »

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(Review) Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Posted by Okla Jones on July 15, 2010

It’s crazy, because 1994 truly seems like a lifetime ago. The genre of hip-hop was entering a new age; a period of enlightenment so to speak. Up north, the city of New York produced arguably the greatest group and lyricist ever (The Wu-Tang Clan and NaS, respectively..) in the same year. The Westcoast was at the top of the rap game; with Death Row ushering in artists like 2Pac, Snoop and Dre who stand tall in the genre, even to this day. The South however, was still the forgetten region. An area of the United States the held a plethora of talent, but with no vehicle in order to let it’s voice be heard. At the time, the Houston-based Rap-A-Lot imprint was at the forefront of southern hip-hop, but little did the nation know it would be Atlanta that would step into the spotlight for years to come. Read the rest of this entry »

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