Grade A Certified

Grade A: The Weekly Drop 6.14.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 14, 2010

Not Bad for a Small town Girl...Lincoln, NE to Springfield, MASS - "Miacola"

Simply put. Here’s a few news events we thought were worthy of your attention. Plus, a little Eye Candy above that might have drawn you in to begin with. Leave a comment below if you think Miacola should be a GradeA Model of the Month. Enjoy reading and Live a GradeA Lifestyle my friends…

The BIG Review: Breaking Down Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ [Vibe]

Kid Cudi Arrested on Violence, Drug Charges [People]

Nicki Minaj Sues Over Rented Pink Lambo Used in Music Video [BallerStatus]

London’s New Generation of Designers [SocietyandStyle]

Faith in Facebook [Newsweek]

The 10 Types Of Drunks You Hate [Coed] Promo Video [WeKnowTheDJ]

Police Video: Vince Young Fight In Dallas Stripclub [SportsbyBrooks]

How To Be Sexy Without Being Naked [SingersRoom]

Diddy’s “Last Train to Paris” Delayed Until September [TheBoomBox]

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