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Soulja Boy Feat. Justin Bieber – “Rich Girl”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 23, 2010

Don’t act surprised to see this song posted on Grade A. You already know that Young Bieber’s Official DJ is none other than co-founder of Grade A DJ Tay James, plus like the other millions of fans out there we happen to actually like the young heart throb’s music. And on top of all that helping to push this song to the masses only helps to silence the naysayers that believe JB’s BET nomination was unwarranted. Do I think Justin Bieber and BET are a good fit? That’s another and another post but I do happen to like this song.

Always one for the lighthearted sing song feel once an a while I have allowed myself to indulge in Soulja Boy’s latest offering. Certainly not straying too far from his original roots Dre manages to create a pure crossover hit that will surely have the preteens singing along. From two artists who haven’t found making hits hard to come by this definitely will add to their lists. This Julkeyz produced track provides a smooth and rhythmic beat that Bieber adds his vocals over to create a sixteen year olds dream.

Soulja does his best to paint the perfect picture of his ideal “Rich Girl.” Although, lyrics have never Dre’s forte he has always managed to say just enough to make the song, well, a song. Nonetheless, I’m positive you’ll be hearing this in rotation at every top radio station across the country pretty soon. That includes Urban and Pop oriented stations, that’s the beauty of merging the two worlds, everyone is forced to listen. Enjoy.

DL: Soulja Boy Feat. Justin Bieber – “Rich Girl”

–T. Adeyemi

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    this is on this site

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