Grade A Certified


Ronald Gerald & Ya Money

SongWriter & Producer/Creative Director
Co-Founders Signature RockSoul Music, Inc.

As told by Justin Tinsley:

Canvassing the history of music, for every song that has embedded itself in one’s memory, two things have always been present regardless of genre, the songwriting and the production. Basically acting as the DNA of music, it is often easy to take these two elements for granted. However, just as important as it is finding the next big sensation in the realm of R&B, hip-hop, pop, etc., locating the next influential songwriters and producers are equally as vital.

Enter Yazid “Ya Money” Britt and Ronald Gerald, Jr. of Signature RockSoul Music, Inc. Founded in June of 2009, the duo are essentially a one stop shop for song creation.




Raised in the Bronx, NY, Beewirks had an affinity for good music.  There are fond memories of holding the antenna for his cousins while they watched Video Music Box. Bone Thugs and Harmony, and Biggie Smalls excited him as a youngster and he proceeded to write down, verse for verse, every single song that those artists did.  It was then that Beewirks had delusions of being a rapper.  In fact, he never really paid attention to the production and focused on lyrics.

It wasn’t until his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh that Beewirks started to appreciate production.  An exchange student from London by the name of Papa Akuffo and a white next-door neighbor, Jordan Kohler showed Beewirks his first piece of production software, Fruity Loops.  A frustrating year went by in which Beewirks gave up on production.  It was not until he started studying Just Blaze and Bink! Did Beewirks finally buckle down and learn how to make beats.  Three years, and an Economics degree later, he is pursuing his passion in these trying times.  Diligence and assiduity is what will guarantee him his place in history as a hip-hop producer.

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