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It’s been a minute since some Blake Kelly-related material was posted around. Yet and still, his debut mixtape, “Higher Education”, will be dropping later this summer and I pledge my blogging integrity it will be an ABOVE QUALITY release You can bet my keyboard on that. With DJ Tay James handling mixing and mastering duties, Mark Jackson on the boards (a beast too might I add) and myself handling the actual song placement on the CD, nothing short of a noteworthy debut is expected.

Above are the aformentioned Blake Kelly and DJ Tay James in a viral video previewing one of the tracks, “Recess”, which I received a few weeks ago under the name “I’d Be Damned”. Regardless of the title, this allows small sample of what’s to come.

I’d Be DamnedGive It To MeEven Though I Cheated (ft. Big Lex & Mark the Mogul)

Flashback: Blake Kelly Backstage Before Opening For Day 26 | Rick Ross feat. Usher & Blake Kelly–Everything You Want | Blake Kelly Freestyle Performance | Blake Kelly “Higher Education” Promo Clips




Rotimi Akinosho is a Maplewood, New Jersey singer/songwriter/actor/model who is currently attending Northwestern University in Chicago. The young multi-talented entertainer has been winning crowds over since adolescence, having won amateur night at the world famous Apollo Theater at age 15. Since then Rotimi has attempted to sustain his initial success by continually recording and performing at & around campus. He also took a route that is becoming more & more common for R&B artists today and released a mixtape entitled, “The HG Compilation.” The mixtape was well received having sold 800 copies in just 2 weeks.

Rotimi’s newest single “Beautiful Music” is gaining steam across the internet with several hundred plays a day. I must admit its been in rotation since I received the track, and a few chance listeners around at the time have also stamped the song as a definite hit. The way Rotimi allows the beat to guide your body’s movements, but at the same time completes the track with captivating lyrics is something not always found in today’s R&B.

As a bonus check out another song that fans of Rotimi seem to be requesting as well, called “Good Good.” This song reminds you of Snoop’s “Sexual Seduction” with a Neptunes flavor.

One thing is clear, Rotimi will continue to grind in hopes of garnering an opportunity with a major label. He has already been cosigned by several major artists including Vickie Winans and Jay-Z. But truthfully, I’m sure even he will admit that none of that matters if the fans are not feeling the music he makes. But if my opinion is worth anything I’d say that dude is on the cusp of making a breakthrough album. He’s got the essentials, a good voice, talent outside of just singing, and most importantly a what looks like a good work ethic. Grinding is, and will always be recognized around here. So in the near future be on the look out for a follow-up interview and more new music from, “…the future of R&B” Rotimi.

Rotimi – Beautiful Music

Rotimi – Good Good

Jo Stunnah



Jo Stunnah (Right) Hollywood Lue (Center) Blake Kelly (Left)

Jo Stunnah (Right) Hollywood Lue (Center) Blake Kelly (Left)

Jo STunnAH aka Henry McCoy Da Beast born, Joseph Allen Drayton, was born and raised in Marion, South Carolina. He grew up in a single parent home and was raised by his grandmother. His father, Cary Seymour Moses, who was known too many was shot and murdered while handcuffed by an Orangeburg police officer in December of 1987.

He was sent to Germany to live with his mother where he didnt last long at. He was kicked out of the only american speaking school so he was sent back to the U.S. He later moved to NY to be jumped by a group of boys who he in return got back individually by slashing tires, burning down play houses, smacking one in the face with a toy gun, and paying a girl to slap another one of the guys on the bus. He was sent back to South Carolina.

He came up in Marion but made one more move to Columbia, SC where he became a beast on the athletic side, yet still faced with troubles of fighting he was forced to move back to Marion. He then became a stellar athlete and recieved offers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Auburn, Tennessee, and Hampton. Although success surrounded him he always chose the bad in most situations. His uncle was one of the biggest dealers in all surrounding counties and STunnAH was often seen driving his uncle’s whips.

One last fight in his senior year of high school decided his fate of music and football. After the fight the guys he and his boys better known as the I.N.C. (Ill Nigga Click) beat up; made a dis track about them. HORRIBLE! The dis they sent back was so crazy that the whole school and surrounding schools heard it. It was the feeling he had been searching for his whole life.

Making music has been his drive through this long hard journey, which we all know as life. He is the originator of the phrase Whas GoooooooD(TM)” not the word itself but how u say it” and also the acronyms S.A.N.D.O.S.(tm) S.O.T.M., E.B.C.O.S. and a whole new vocabulary of slang!!! Jo STunnAH has been on this mission since he was a lil git but his ultimate goal is too really put South Carolina on the map! Doin whateva he has to do just to accomplish that goal. With his creativity, hard work, and ability to grind it will definitely be Whas GoooooD(tm) soon.

Watch out world cause he’s coming like a speeding train that fell off its tracks!!!!!!!!!!!! Jo STunnAH is currently traveling the whole entire east coast networking for his upcoming mixtape. Make sure you download his tracks, TrapStar, Off Edge, and Good Girl ft. Jagged Edge. Keep your eardrums to the streets and watch Jo STunnAH as he makes a leap from da bottom to da top!!!

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