Grade A Certified

Grade A: DJ Tay James – CollegeRadio 15

Posted by Mr. Put On on May 25, 2010

DJ Tay James and Hollywood Lue (@HollywoodLue) grace the cover

Here we are– the 15th installment of CollegeRadio. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what CollegeRadio Mixtapes are, I’ll sum it up briefly. CollegeRadio is a mixtape series of all the hottest tracks of the current moment and the near future. DJ Tay James, with normal assistance from J. Tinsley puts together a careful selection of the best tracks out every time it drops guaranteed.

CollegeRadio 15 – Rhythm & Blues is a compilation of smooth sultry sounds that exemplify the title Rhythm and Blues; some hip-hop, some pop, some rap, some R&B. All one common theme- a focus on good music and polished delivery in whichever form. This chapter features new music from artists such as J. Cole, Wale, Big Sean, The Dream, Bruno Mars, Erykah Badu, Drake, Blake Kelly and Sammie. Each and every track will surely catch your fancy and you will NOT be disappointed. Consider this your Put On: This tape is Stamped, Official, Certified — This thing is Grade A!

Make sure you download this and enjoy! Until next time…..

Grade A Download: DJ Tay James: CollegeRadio 15 – Rhythm & Blues


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