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Lloyd feat. 50 Cent – “Let’s Get It In”

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 28, 2010

Flashback six years ago and this record wouldn’t have made it past the idea stage. While Lloyd was never apart of Murder Inc./G-Unit beef, Fif made it clear how much he despised anything associated with the place Ja Rule and Irv Gotti called home. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed Lloyd’s music dating back to the “Southside” and “Cadillac Love” days. His Southern accent fused with his natural singing abilities allow his sound to standout from the other R&B heavyweights. He’s always been underrated in my eyes. And by underrated, I mean he’s never mentioned with the Trey’s, Ne-Yo’s, Chris Brown’s etc. (Keep reading…)


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Joell Ortiz Is In A “F*ck You” Mindset

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 25, 2010

It may be early, but I’m almost positive I will never get tired of this song. It’s crazy because I know the reaction following the release was crazy and overwhelmingly popular, but I feel it should be more. I could be tripping, but whatever. The record is such classic Cee-Lo and it feels good to listen to even if your significant other hasn’t pissed you off for the last time.

Joell Ortiz is the second rapper (50 was the first, if you’ve been living under a rock) to put his own personal spin on the anthem. If you’re a Joell fan, you already know dude’s track record and this only adds to his resume. The man who should be a bigger artist than what he is right now waxes his frustrations with the opposite sex all in the honor of Cooper Projects. Be sure to check out his Farewell Summer EP if you have yet to do so. It’s worth the price of admission download.

DL: Joell Ortiz – “F*ck You (Cooper Projects Remix)

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It’s 2004 All Over Again

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 13, 2010

At least for a moment, it is. Twista’s 2004 album Kamikaze dropped right at the beginning of my second semester of senior year in high school. It ended up being one of my most played albums of the year and Kanye’s influence was one of the main reasons why.

The end of the work week means another gem from G.O.O.D.’s vault of musical treasures – whether Kanye gave this the green light or not. Thanks to the site Chicago built, new product from the two is now available to add the archives. While it sounds like an older record, look for this to land on V-Dub’s Laws & Policies Vol. 1 later this fall. What to expect? That timeless Midwest tounge-twisting flow from the man himself and one of those gritty, raw, ignorant beats ‘Ye was once known for.

Twista – “Hustlaz” (Prod. By Kanye West) | Download

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Your Daily Funk – “Let The Music Play”

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 7, 2010

Barry White was one of the few people to ever walk this Earth who could have taken Michelle from Barack and everything been cool. Come to think of it, he could done that to most any of us self-respecting males. The same way Biggie got love in the ’90s for being big, dark and laidback, Barry perfected that demeanor decades earlier.

Having hands down one of the best musical voices of all-time also means damn near everything he released was an entry way into the bedroom and all the theatrics that followed. Go ahead and ask any of your old heads about Barry White and how important he was to their generation and watch the twinkle in their eye light up the room. The other day, I was rummaging through some songs to email to my mother and I came across B.W.’s “Let The Music Play.” Read the rest of this entry »

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DJ Marvalous – Hip Hop Panty Droppas (Don’t Stop)

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 28, 2010

So I know you’ve been awaiting the latest addition to DJ Marvalous’ Panty Droppa Collection; well I know I have. Panty Droppas continues to be a staple in my late night music collection. Works like a charm too (ehem!).

This time around Marv has decided to infuse the tape with your favorite Hip Hop artists and their odes to Love, Sex, Magic etc. Im currently taking off my cool, and enjoying the tape as you read this. So let me stop delaying myself and get back to the sounds.

Don’t thank me this time, thank the man himself, DJ Marvalous. I’m just putting you on, as usual.

Grade A Download: DJ Maralous – Hip Hop Panty Droppas (Don’t Stop)

Hit the jump to see the full Tracklist Read the rest of this entry »

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REMIX THIS: Kanye West Feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz – “Power”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on August 20, 2010

To borrow from Diddy’s famous intro, “THIS IS THE REMIX!” Nothing can stall the momentum of a hit single more than a remix without power to tackle the original. One thing is for sure Jay and Kanye have had more than few powerful remixes over the years, including one Diamond studded 2nd edition. And with this latest installment to their remix collection they leave nothing to chance.

As should the main artist from the original song Kanye lays down several new verses, the last of which he completely goes foolish on. You may even need to pull up BabelFish for a few of the lines in the last verse. Yeezy channels those who pray to the East for a few lines in Islam before Swizz Beatz adds in his two sense with a change of pace on the beat. Read the rest of this entry »

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Keyz – Apparently I’m Crazy (Official Video)

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 13, 2010

Now, as salty as I can be that I wasn’t a part of this video, I still gotta show love and give credit where credit is due. This guy Keyz, aka FutureIsKeyz is definitely beginning to set himself apart, and has hit the track running on this game called Hip-Hop.

His most recent mixtape, The Advantange was definitely a success as he teamed up with DJ Big Mike, and was able to shine some light on the Trenton, NJ native’s abilities as an artist. Now almost an entire year later and a whole lot of “Leaks” inbetween, Keyz has been in the lab, pen and pad before him, reeking havoc on beats.

Take a gander at this visual for “Apparently I’m Crazy” off his upcoming mixtape- Let The Black Burn, hosted by DJ Ill Will. Make sure you stay tuned for August 18th (just next week) for the official release of Let The Black Burn.

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DJ Tay James – – Episode 18

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 13, 2010

As Justin Bieber’s, My World 2.0 tour continues to push forward, so does his crew right along with him. In this episode of We Know the DJ, catch up with DJ Tay James, Legaci, and Saiah as they do a live acoustic mashup– leave your turn tables and cd players at home.

Make sure you check out the other episodes at Follow the success!

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G.O.O.D Music

Posted by servontaym on August 10, 2010

The month is August, to some that might mean the summer is near an end but not for everybody. To me it means one more month and the G.O.O.D music release date is here in September. It might not be as big as it was  when Kanye and Kid Cudi were scheduled to drop on the same date till each album got pushed back. But their counterparts Consequence and Big Sean are still expected to drop albums on that G.O.O.D music day in September. The rookie of the crew would be Big Sean, Detroit native  who has made his own splash in the game even by getting a co sign from Mr. West himself.  On Saturday Big Sean is going to give a little taste of what is to come in less than a month with his mix tape Finally Famous V3 .  With the clip above you can see that its going to be something epic the XXL freshman class is definitely making noise this year as anticipated.

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Waka Flocka Sells Out

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 14, 2010

Ok, he didn’t sell out, but like Lowkey, I knew this type of record was coming. Before I get into the actual song, however, let me first say this about Waka Flocka and his music. (Keep reading…)

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