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Blake Kelly Prepares for Takeoff

Posted by T. Adeyemi on November 3, 2010

Progression in any craft has always been something to appreciate. In a society of here today, gone tomorrow phenoms its rare for someone to have a sustained gravity. For Blake Kelly it seems he’s progressed from the schoolyard cyphers at Hampton University to hosting college parties and then on to nationwide tours. And now he’s poised to challenge gravity with his latest compilation.

Plane Mode the mixtape is the long overdue follow-up to the Rockstar general’s initial mixtape, Higher Education.  This sophomore mixtape is sure to include a lot of bravado, plenty of love for the opposite sex, and undoubtedly enough weed smoke to catch a contact. Kelly’s steady and deliberate delivery provide potency for the words he speaks. His style similar to his lifestyle has over went some change, in this case change is good when it comes to providing the streets with quality music. Read the rest of this entry »


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Blake Kelly Feat. Mark the Mogul – “G-Sh*t”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on May 24, 2010

Blake Kelly

The Rockstarzzz General had vowed to me just weeks ago that he would give his fans more of what they want aka MORE MSIC. And certainly he is following through on his promise unleashing several new tracks via email to me just this past week. Unfortunately, I can’t let loose of all of the new tracks just yet but I am here to provide you with a quick sampling.

The name Blake Kelly has undoubtedly been surfacing in many industry circles and plenty of blog sites around the world-wide web. Read the rest of this entry »

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Grade A: Jo Stunnah – Against ALL Odds

Posted by Mr. Put On on February 5, 2010

It’s been a long time comin, and here we have it. Against All Odds, the mixtape, mixed and compiled by DJ Soundwave. Now I’m telling you, this, you need to listen to. If you’ve EVER had your back to the wall, had to struggle/hustle to make things happen. If you were ever at a point where you didn’t know if the sun could shine in your life. If ever All the Odds were stacked up Against you, then you’ll feel this Tape.

This is not just some wham bam tape thrown together by a mediocre artist. Jo Stunnah is about to do something special in the music game, trust me, believe me, I’m Puttin You On. You’ll hear the Stunnah Man on hooks near and far and be like, damn that dude sound familiar. You’ll be chanting along to the words he’s sayin, and you’ll remember me. Take a listen, his story, his life, his passion, his emotion is all embedded in this mixtape. Take this ride with Jo Stunnah, Grade A, and the Rockstarzzz. This shit gon be real exciting; stick with us, listen to what Stunnah has to say, pay attention people, listen well. If it ain’t Grade A, it ain’t us, cause we jus Got To Be Grade A!

Grade A Download: Jo Stunnah – Against All Odds (Mixtape) Read the rest of this entry »

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Grade A: Hollywood Lue – the ‘A’ Team (Usher Video)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 27, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mr. LimeLight himself aka Hollywood Lue is on the move. The former Hampton Roads native and Rockstarzzz Chief Commander has made the move to Hollywood… California. In just a few months he’s been doing auditions, promoting, and damn near everything. We all know the stories of coming up in Hollywood, stories of poverty and success.

“I been said I’m comin out here to build my foundation, and that’s what I’m doin… buildin my foundation”

Now Lue has found himself in a contest where his video for Usher’s single “More” could make it to tv screens worldwide. We’d appreciate it if you could go to the site, and help us get his video to win the “got noise?” contest. As a Grade A Rockstar, Hollywood Lue has been hard at work, grindin to make things happen.

You can spot him in the video, he’s the camera man at the bottom of the screen with the Lime Green watch. In my opinion, his is the better one anyways, but regardless, just vote for Team A.

You’ll hear more from us about Hollywood Lue aka Mr. Limelight and his journey in the next few months. So stay tuned. Go Vote!

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Grade A: Blake Kelly – Rockstar (Dat New Remix)

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 16, 2009

The Rockstarzzz grind never stops; as you can see we’re bringing to you yet ANOTHER video. This time creative design was left to Ya Money and Blake Kelly himself. We do hands on approach to everything. We’re responsible for our own success. So check out this video and enjoy more of that Higher Education, and make sure to follow us on this bumpy road we call our Journey. Make sure you check out the GradeACertifiedTV, BlakeKellyTV, and DJTayJamesTV pages on YouTube so that you stay up to date with us.

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Grade A: Meek Mills in Atlantic City Tomorrow Night x Flamerz 2.5

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 12, 2009

Grade A will be there as Meek Millz takes the stage twice in a day. Performing ant both Pleasantville high School and at Club Point for his official Flamerz 2.5 mixtape release party. Please believe you Flamerz 2.5 will be up here ASAP. In case you haven been up on Meek Mills, I suggest you get familiar. Grade A Rockstarzzz will be in the building, we’re coast to coast, country to country (you’re not still surprised by that are you? Hater!). This friday it’s going down in a major way as Meek Mills has been brewing up A LOT since he came back home. Flamerz 2.5 will be another Grade A piece of art, so stay tuned. If you’re in the NJ Philly DE area, well I suggest you make your way to Club Pointe for this event. Check the Events page or call Von Hawk @ (609) 813-1749 for more info and tickets.

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Grade A: Teedra Moses @SOB’s in NYC

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 11, 2009

This just in!! Grade A is planning to be in the building and behind the scenes on this one. If she’s not a singer who seduces you with her complex simplicity, then you might want to check your seduction vibes, they’re all out of wack. Teedra Moses will be performing LIVE tomorrow night at SOB’s. If you’re a true lover of R&B you’ll be there. (And only $12 bucks!!) Make sure you check out the Events page for more details. If you’re not in the area, check back over the weekend for footage, photos, and most likely interviews. “Grade A… Grade A… Grade A….”

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Grade A Certified TV x Blake Kelly Mixtape Release x New Boyz

Posted by Mr. Put On on November 2, 2009

If you pay attention to my twitter, you see me talking a lot about following us, Rockstarzzz, the Grade A Movement and all this motivational change and success stuff. Well I just want to keep you posted and let you know to check out our YouTube Page so you can know when the Grade A staff ‘Rockstarzzz’ are on the move. So make sure you go there right now, and look at the video as the Rockstarzzz made their move to Blake Kelly‘s Mixtape Release Party. Also, you can see the videos when Mr. Limelight aka Hollywood Lue catches your favorite celebrities at concerts, parties and shows across the country. Every person on the Grade A roster is making major moves. Look for them on the side bar on the right so you can follow them or follow Grade A on twitter too.

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