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Grade A: The News Drop 10.18.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on October 18, 2010

Baton Rogue product Brittany DeShay

No need for an introduction this week. We think the news links we’ll speak for themselves. It seems like there’s always a lot of drama, news, and craziness during this part of the year. Do people really SHOCK you anymore? Click the links to see if you’ve lost your fear factor.

Sade Says She’s Denied Jay-Z For A Collaboration [BallerStatus]

E-Cycle: The 5 Best Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Gadgets [Complex]

Should We Lower the Federal Minimum Wage? GOPers Say ‘Yes!’ [BlackVoices] Read the rest of this entry »


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Marsha Ambrosius And Her Ballad Of Hope

Posted by J. Tinsley on October 11, 2010

Realistically, Late Nights & Early Mornings is looking like it will not see the light of day until early 2011. Not totally surprising given the way projects and release dates very rarely see eye to eye in current times. Still, as long as Marsha continues to release quality music every so often, all is well.

Earlier this summer, Miss Ambrosius liberated her scorned anthem “I Hope She Cheats.” A few eyebrows were raised, some comments were said, yet overall most people consider it another quality notch on her catalog. Pending you follow her on Twitter, then you already know she’s been eagerly alluding to the ballad version of the record. For good reason, too.

I’ve always imagined Marsha as this singer you’d see in a dimly lit jazz lounge entertaining those in attendance who seek refuge from a rainstorm outside. “ Read the rest of this entry »

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Grade A: The Weekly Drop 8.10.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on August 10, 2010

Can Ms. Addictive become Ms. GradeA?

As always we strive to keep all of our readers educated, informed, and up to date with the daily happenings of this crazy world. So in this latest installment of The Weekly Drop you’ll find a little of everything. Music news with some sports mixed in and of course a lot of entertainment. Well, unless you plan on this page opening up on its own, click the jump for some GradeA news and a lot of what you’ll probably be talking about either at work, on the train, or with your friends later. Don’t worry…Thank us Later.

The All-International Team: 10 Best Foreign NBA Players [BleacherReport]

Justin Bieber hit with water bottle during performance [MarqueeBlog]

Tank – “Sex Music” Video [SingersRoom]

Songs About College: 10 Tunes to School You on Your Higher Education [Spinner] Read the rest of this entry »

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Marsha Ambrosius – "Heartbreaker"

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 29, 2009

As I normally like to do on most mornings on my off days, I like to hit the job scene early and come back and then perform the “exciting” task of the online search. Notice the quotation marks. However, today when I returned to  my laptop, I noticed that Marsha Ambrosius new cut wasn’t posted. Again, it was a mistaken made commonly by myself in the past by thinking I hit the post button when I really didn’t.

No need crying over spilled milk, however, the still active side of Floetry is prepping a new mixtape entitled (Keep reading…)

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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 2, 2009

This song was liberated the other day, but after having it on repeat for the past 48 hours, it’s necessary to have its own post for two reasons. One being Marsha Ambrosius has one of the most beautiful voices on Earth, so it’s only right she gets some recognition around here.

The second is the overall appeal of the song. The vibe from this record just oozes summer relaxation and cookouts.  Maybe it’s the fat kid in me, but “cookout music” is some of my favorite music to listen to…even if it is an imaginary category. And honestly, who doesn’t love a good cookout?

(Keep reading…)

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Posted by J. Tinsley on May 1, 2009

…to file you state taxes, in Virginia at least.  That’s where I’ve been the majority of the day along with getting a new debit card.

Don’t say I didn’t look out for you. Last thing we need is someone else getting the Ron Isley treatment.

*Spare Notes*

Slakah The BeatChild feat. Drake–Enjoy Yaself

Slum Village feat. Marsha Ambrosius–Cloud 9

Drumma Boy feat. Rick Ross, Pastor Troy & Lil’ Scrappy–Stop N’ Stare

Jeremih feat. Ludacris & BXC–Birthday Sex (remix)

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Marsha Ambrosious–Yours Truly: The Instrumentals

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 23, 2009


This truly was a gem that came at the end of 2008.  First came the tape, then came the NO DJ version and now, thanks in part to TheStudioRats and Don Cannon, we now have the instrumentals.  Please don’t miss out on the chance to have these in your collection.  Hit the jump for the tracklist, the link and what Cannon had to say about the project.

(Keep reading…)

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Marsha Ambrosius–Yours Truly (untagged)

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 11, 2009


For all of you that didn’t grab this tape when I posted it last year, consider now your second chance.  Don Cannon, Marsha and Focus (from Aftermath) compiled put this tape at the end of ’08 and now I bring to you the same exact copy…but without tags.  If you were a fan of Floetry and you love soul music, grab this NOW.  Don’t hesistate.

Yup, Drake still drops tomorrow in case you were wondering. Another random thought…I love slow days in the office.

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