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Music Review: Vado – Slime Flu

Posted by Okla Jones on October 26, 2010

During the late 1920s through the early 1930s, Harlem, NYC was the mecca of the African-American universe. It was a cultural movement that consisted of an evolution of literature, art and music. So, anyone from that particular suburb of Manhattan knows what it means to be born and raised there. Since then, the musical mecca has shifted to almost every part of the nation at one point or another. In the 1970s a new art form was presented to the national stage, the genre that we have all come to know and love as hip-hop. It was not centered in Harlem specifically, but in the borough of the Bronx… but it was New York City nonetheless. As history shows us, about every 10-15 years, the rap spotlight shifts back to NYC, and in 2010 the man who many consider would be the one to “bring the Big Apple back” is Cam’Ron’s protégé and fellow Harlemite, Vado.

Upon giving the phrase “slime” national acclaim, on October 12, Vado released his highly anticipated Slime Flu project to the masses. Lyrically he isn’t the sharpest rapper to ever do it, but like artist such as Nas, DMX, and 50 Cent (just to name a few…) he brings a refreshing sound to the game, one that we haven’t heard in a few years. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jim Jones Continues To Give Back

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 13, 2010

Jim Jones loves the kids and apparently he’s running for the title of the hood’s “Robin Hood.” You may remember earlier this year Capo stepping into a classroom and giving kids the run down on the music business. That act was well received by the public and Hip-Hop community alike. With that in mind, Jones is taking it a step further. Harlem’s own popped up at a school in the Bronx this past Saturday and blessed the people with laptops and iPod Touches.

Why? I’m not sure, but there’s now law stating you must have a reason to give back those less fortunate and remembering where you came from. Respect to Jim for the act of generosity and making sure his money goes to good use. Don’t expect to see this on your evening news though.

Props: KC

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Max B & Big Mike–Quarantine

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 22, 2009


The worst feeling in the world? Well, maybe not the WORST, but it ranks up there in the “please-not-this-not-now” category.

(Keep reading…)

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Big L: The Most Known Unknown

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 15, 2009

Today marks the 10 year anniversary in which Lamont Coleman, otherwise known to the hip-hop world as Big L, was gunned down in his hometown of Harlem. He has long been the “least discussed” of the legendary pact of hip-hop artists who’ve passed, but his impact remains universally accepted. The “official” stories behind his death have ranged from a case of mistaken identity to retaliation by his childhood friend, Gerard Woodley, because of the actions of his [L’s] brother, Big Lee, who was incarcerated at the time.

Conspiracy aside, L was and still is one of hip-hop’s most legendary lyricists respected by roughly everyone who came in contact with him.  He’s probably most known for his 7 minute freestyle with Jay-Z, Read the rest of this entry »

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Pray IV Reign f. Rell & N.O.E. – Jim Jones

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 31, 2009

I actual like something from this swaggified Harlem World five star Louis Viutton MC? Maybe I am on one to many pills trying to overcome this cold. But Jim Jones is back and maybe he has found his swag after jumping on every possible song by an upcoming artist. Along with Jay-Z N.O.E. on a verse and Rell on the hook this has a real good vibe throughout the entire song.  I know if his whole album has this type of sound maybe the Capo will have a very successful and not just a single ‘BALLIN!’. This is a pretty decent track off Jimmy’s album hitting stores March 24th under the same name as this cut.

DOWNLOAD: Pray IV Reign f. Rell & N.O.E. – Jim Jones

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