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Hold on, Slaughterhouse Did What?

Posted by J. Tinsley on August 5, 2010

I love clips like this. The ones that expose info about the inner workings of the industry that you otherwise would have no clue about. Slaughterhouse recently sat down for an interview to talk about music. Except this time, it focused on music they passed on. Interesting, to say the least. Here’s my breakdown on what the four lyricists missed opportunities. (Keep reading…)

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Eminem Talks Near “Career Suicide” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 24, 2010

Since the moment Eminem’s latest album, Recovery, leaked, one of the tidbits many focused on was his revelation on the track “Talkin’ 2 Myself.” Here, Marshall admitted that during his days of drug addiction, he damn near dissed Kanye and Lil Wayne. His reasoning being they were the two who were “killing the game” (the good kind) at that point in time. I know the first time I gave the album a spin that this statement caught me by surprise mainly because of the honesty. When it comes to Hip-Hop, I’m a sucker for honest type tracks. It’s also proof of the paranoid drug addiction can subconsciously induce. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, & Mr. Porter Freestyle on Tim Westwood TV

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 14, 2010

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Freestyling…Yea remember that art form? I know it is hard to remember what a REAL freestyle actually consisted of. In today’s day and age its no secret that most artists go in the booth spit some written bars over someone’s else’s beat, possibly record it, master it, package it up and send it out to the public labeled as a “Freestyle.” Now despite my sub 30 years of living I have not forgotten what a true freestyle is supposed to sound and feel like. Thankfully, neither have a few other people. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Eminem’s Recovery…”

Posted by Okla Jones on May 26, 2010

I remember the first time I heard Eminem. Though the track (along with the video…) was very animated and driven by hilarious antics, I knew that the emcee behind the visuals was something special. Why else would the Good Dr. sign a white, blonde haired, trailer-parkish lyricist as the face of his newly formed record label, Aftermath. With all the comedic singles set aside, the EPs that Slim Shady used to release were masterful; testaments that the genre of hip-hop transcends that of race… showing that music truly is universal, in every sense of the word.

It’s been over ten years since “My Name Is” hit airwaves, and he’ll probably tell you that it’s been a hell of a ride. Between then and now he’s risen to the top of the music charts, signed an artist whom also rose to the top of the music charts, lost a best friend, and periodically said goodbye to the game that he dedicated his life to. After about 5 years without releasing an official studio album, last year Mr. Mathers dropped Relapse; a relapse, so to speak, back into rap. Anyway, his forthcoming album is entitled Recovery, and below is the blueprint some the album covers (maybe…). Next time I hope to include some leaks.

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Catalog Catch Up: Busta Rhymes feat. Eminem – “I’ll Hurt You (remix)” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 24, 2010

Chances are whenever I drop my debut mixtape, eastcoasttoyotacamrysunroofmuzik, and Eminem starts blowing up my phone for a guest feautre, I’m going to tell him no. I’ll never admit this to him, but I’d be scared as all hell to rap alongside this guy. For all the things people may say about him, one thing you can’t deny is that his flow is on some parallel universe, perfect stuff. It’s possible you may have heard a “wack” Eminem song once or twice in your day, but I can bet his flow was on point nonetheless.

That said, one of my favorite Eminem guest features was on the Busta Rhymes cut, “I’ll Hurt You (remix).” To Busta’s credit, he definitely held his own. But dude is legend, so I expected nothing less prior to listening. However, when it was time for Marshall to lyrically exercise, he more than lived up to the hype. His guest verse was so crazy that I couldn’t even type it correctly. I tried for about 15 minutes with no luck. My apologies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lil’ Wayne Feat. Eminem – “Drop The World” Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on March 6, 2010

Well Well, you didn’t expect Weezy’s delay to the Big House to stop his onslaught of new music and videos did you? Didn’t think so. So here’s the visual for the song that Wayne & Eminem performed at the Grammy’s a few months back. Not for nothing, but this may be some of the best cinematography I’ve seen thus far this year. Props to Chris Robinson on the direction.

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BET Cypher Part 1 x Part 2

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 28, 2009

Nicki Minaj x Buckshot x Joe Budden

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Mos Def x Black Thought x Eminem

Just in case you didn’t catch it on the Bet Hip-Hop awards last night, its pretty needless for me to say that this was Grade A, duh!

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Eminem x Black Thought – Rock the Bells (VH1 HipHop Honors Preview)

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 8, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This was just a dope video I saw over at PDS. It’s Eminem’s and Black Thought’s rendition of LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells”. I thought I’d share it on here.

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Eminem – The Warning (Mariah Carey x Nick Cannon Diss)

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 2, 2009

Uh oh, Eminem on yet another diss track. Seems like now a days anyone is liable to find themself the topic of an ode. Even I’ve found my name on a few from my HIU freshman dorm wars. The latest “vendetta on a beat” from Slim Shady is focused on Mariah Carey and takes shots at Nick Cannon. According to Marshall, he and Mrs. Carey had been engaged in a courtship; while Mariah denies ever having any dealings at all. As stated by The Star Ledger the feud has been on going for months since Shady’s song “Bagpipes from Baghdad” released on his LP “Relapse” which caused Nick Cannon to begin using the name “Slim Lamey” accusing Mathers of still being “obsessed” with Mariah. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eminem – "Beautiful" (Video)

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 2, 2009

My admiration for this record has been discussed in-depth. So, for now, let my lack of words do the talking.

Flashback: “Be Yourself Man, Be Proud Of Who You Are”

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