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Come Back Season…

Posted by Mr. Put On on March 23, 2009


“When I come back like Jordan, wearin the 4-5, It ain’t to play games witchu.”

– (c) Encore by Jay-Z

The line above is exactly how I am feeling right now, “it feels so goods to be home” (c) Kanye West. After sitting in my car reflecting back a few things in my life and then having a long talk with my blogger in crime Justin Blaze a few days back… I have came to the decision of stepping back up to the plate in the game which is called Blogging after being sick numerous times within the last few weeks being in and out of bed it slowed my posting  to one or two a week to none for a few weeks. I commend my big homie Justin for holding down the fort! That man is truly dedicated to what we both love which is music, and with him having to work more then one job and blog at the speed he does is honestly crazy in my opinion. And we all know that when the dude that brought you the “Prom Queen” CDQ (before others might I add) and many other gems comes back, of course I have to bring a few gifts along with me. So click the jump for a few requests and a few new cuts & a new Weezy mixtape…

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