Grade A Certified

Justin Tinsley EIC

I never knew I could create a separate tab about myself on here. Well, seeing as how there is nothing wrong with some shameless self promotion, let’s get right to it.

I was channeling my inner Bun B right here. I also looked 17 when I was really 22. Damn Ruby Tuesday for making me shave.

Who’s Gamma I you ask? It’s my chapter. What’s my chapter you ask? I am a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Gamma Iota Chapter at Hampton University. But honestly, that’s only a small part of who I am and what I have and eventually will become.

No really, I’ll keep it short and to the point. I’m a very humble person, which is why you will often find me saying thank to each person who has ever visited this site. I’m also a grinder. I work hard because that’s the only way I know how. I’m a college grad trying to overcome this economy by working three jobs, but the most enjoyable thing I find myself doing is updating this site simply because I love music and writing. Seeing as how this combines the two, it’s double the pleasure. Big plans are in my future and this site is only a stepping stone.

I’m also the guy who Just Blaze, the producer, stole his name from. Ok not really, but I can’t help it if we’re both named Justin and he thought of a cool name to associate with it. The moment I start making money off the name, I’ll change it to avoid any lawsuits that’ll force me to lose that same money I just made.

In the coming days, I hope to make this one of the more elite sites on the internet as soon as some more things fall into place. If you ever want to hit me up about featuring some of your music or possibly an interview or if you just want to chop it up, I’ll give you a list of ways to do so.

AIM: Just Blaze 1906



Until next time, you stay classy World Wide Web.

The History & The Future

The evolution of Grade A Exclusives/College Radio Music has seen itself transform on several occasions, with more changes coming in the future. Initially a warm up until the actual site was launched, it was soon realized by not only Justin, but his partners Taylor James and Ralph Oliver as well, that the blog had begun to establish a name of its own that was too much to ignore.

During the early months of its existence, the site focused primarily on posting all the newest songs to hit the web. After debating for weeks and several conversations with Tyrell Adeyemi, who is a main contributor to the website, the decision was made to transition to an editorial website which would essentially capture the founding purpose of the site, to promote the latest happenings on the music scene, but allowing a voice to be heard from the “everyday working fan” as well.

Still in transition mode, the site can be seen touching on topics ranging from the newest hit songs to hit the web, videos, feature interviews, politics, sports and even fashion.

Living by the adage “the moment you become complacent is the moment you lose your place”, it is unlikely that this site will ever reach its optimum level. However, the work ethic and love essentially ensures it will never fall victim to a virus of contentment.

Success is what drives us all and for this site, the gas tank is on ‘F’.


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