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‘Climb the Ladder to Success Escalator Style…’

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 19, 2010

As promised. Here is the brand new “Escalators” from ‘the bearded one’– Freeway.

Hit the jump to check out the video. Make sure you request this joint wherever you listen to music, radio, clubs, MTV Jams, 106 & Park, etc. This Jake One produced track bang and the B.I.G sample makes it that much better. Oh and make note of the Jazzy Jeff appearance. As you know from my previous post I been On My Philly Sh*t so I already know Philly is behind him heavy

It’s pretty clear that Free is setting us up for something big (unintentional pun) and much more movement on his part, so I suggest you stay tuned; cause I sure will. Oh and make sure you tell em Liad Put U On.


One Response to “‘Climb the Ladder to Success Escalator Style…’”

  1. […] one thing  I wasn’t oblivious too was the caliber of MC the Philly Freezer was/is/will be. My homie Liad had been telling me for a few days how Free was preparing to release a new video and song […]

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