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On My Philly Sh*t x Young Chris – Philly Sh*t

Posted by Mr. Put On on October 18, 2010

It’s no secret that ever since I came back to the tri-state I’ve spent a large majority of time in Philly, partying, promoting, planning, hanging, etc. The culture of Philadelphia, as is the culture of any other major city in the world, has its own flavor and completely different feel. Most people think, “oh yeah, Philly” as though it’s just over there in PA, doing its own thing and when they get to it, they get to it. The important thing is, when they get to it….

Most people come to Philly and enjoy themselves something serious, it’s a great place to have a great day at work, do some great business, have a great night, or a great weekend. Downtown Philadelphia, and the Rittenhouse area are parts of Philly that I’ve began to familiarize myself with. In addition, running around the streets in the Temple University vicinity has gotten me accustomed to North Philly as well. Corner bodegas, Chinese food spots, Temple Security, W. Diamond, and Mecca Barbershop are all in a days travels of the Northern portion of  the city of Brotherly Love.

South and West Philly are places I have yet to seriously venture into but of course even those places have their own differences, and they are pretty clear. But one thing remains across the city no matter whether your uptown, downtown, South Street or Broad St. at UPenn, or Temple– that Philly Shit.

How do you describe “Philly Shit?” Well you don’t, you gotta experience it; and once you see it, you can say “Yah that’s some Philly Shit”. Some of the things I can say DEFINITELY encompass my Philly shit experience can be read, and are FAR from limited to the things below:

Club Music
DJ Diamond Cuts
DJ Aktive
Young Chris
Bones Brigante
Dwight Grant
Vango Lounge
Wired 96.5
Power 99 FM
Sunni Beards
Bald heads and Sunni Beards
Waves and Sunni Beards
Braids and Sunni Beards
Dreads and Sunni Beards
Weave and Sunni Beards (that was one time, she was manly)
Lucky Strike
Recess Lounge
RittenHouse Square
Food Trucks
Old City
South Street
Broad Street
Temple Homecoming
People that LOVE “dougie” music but have NO CLUE how to dougie and are fascinated with anyone who can
Polo (smh)
U.S Polo Assn. (smfh)
etc. Now download this Philly Shit

DL: Young Chris – Philly Sh*t


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