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Music Review: Trey Songz – “Passion, Pain & Pleasure”

Posted by Okla Jones on September 29, 2010

Some people call it luck; I call it the outcome of years of hard work. A wise man once told me that luck presents itself when preparation meets opportunity… makes sense right? Think of when hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace were senselessly murdered over a misunderstanding that was blown totally out of proportion. The crown was vacant, but it was Jay-Z that rose to the occasion; and the same thing can be said about Virginia’s own Trey Songz. After former R&B king Usher took his hiatus, and Chris Brown decided he wanted to be the Ike Turner of the new millennium, Mr. “Steal Yo Girl” waited patiently while continuing to produce great music. He also developed a massive following on Twitter that created a bond with his fans that today is rarely seen. After setting the standard for R&B mixtapes, Trigga released Ready and soon thereafter became the genre’s “It” guy… and he never looked back.

With the recent release of Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Songz gave us a glimpse into the early 90’s, channeling legendary acts such as R. Kelly, Jodeci and Silk; just to name a few. This is definitely a babymaking CD, and a damn good one at that. This album is a bit less uptempo than it’s predecessor but it stays true to concepts of love, heartache, relationships and just plain, good ol’ “pimpin”. One thing that Trey has mastered these past few years is that of club bangers. The single “Bottoms Up” featuring Young Money’s own Nicki Minaj has been tearing up the charts, and fits perfectly with the album, while having a different sound all it’s own. In 18 tracks, the title artist manages to cover most of the emotions that your everyday young black male goes through, and even a bit more.

When one follows Trey Songz’s career it becomes difficult not to compare him to R. Kelly. Their similar styles of “rap-singing” is extremely catchy; with Trey’s writing ability has progressed throughout the years and will only get better with time. The cut “Can’t Be Friends” is a hit, and it speaks to the masses, because almost everyone has been in this situation before. It is specifically tracks like this that deepens the connection with his fans. The “Passion”, “Pain” and “Pleasure” interludes are all ballads (like most of the album…) but the concepts are very genuine, and adds a different facet to the Passion, Pain & Pleasure. “Already Taken” the disc’s final song, keeps all of the female listeners thinking, knowing that if given the right opportunity, any man would settle down; but only with the right one.

All in all, PP&P is a good album; it doesn’t have quite the bang that Ready possessed but that’s because this CD followed a different pattern vocally. Trey is the best crooner but his topics really hit home with the listeners. Only time will tell if he will be able to withstand the “Here today, gone tomorrow” tradition of the industry but he’s definitely making a great attempt to keep his name atop the R&B charts. Check out the album, it’s for sure a winner if you’re trying to set the mood right with that special someone.

– Oak


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