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Smokin’ Dro Week 4 – “You Know What It Is”

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 27, 2010

The tape with Greg Street was enough Dro for one week. Now we’re back like a nagging ex, so put the USPA down for a moment. Leaving the A, this week we head up North to reminisce when Dro broke bread with the man who has more facts than Chuck Norris.

Song: “You Know What It Is”

Source: Hell Rell’s For The Hell Of It

Favorite Dro-ism: Don’t make me bring them dumpers out/Benz color brusselsprouts/Hoes I don’t give a fuck about/Lord of the Rings bitch don’t make me pull my knuckles out

Lifted Thoughts: They say when the planets align, tides rise, animals act crazy and meteor showers litter the sky. Personally, I like to believe collaborations like this happen. You’ve got Ruger Rell who, when it’s all said and done will be a top five interview subject of all time, and can also put together a hot record when need be. Then you’ve also got Young Dro – quite possibly the only rapper in history who has ever compared the color of his Mercedes Benz to that of the most hated vegetable of its kind. And have it sound hot. No one man should have all this lyrical power.

Hell Rell Feat. Young Dro – “You Know What It Is” | Download


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