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Your Daily Funk – “Let The Music Play”

Posted by J. Tinsley on September 7, 2010

Barry White was one of the few people to ever walk this Earth who could have taken Michelle from Barack and everything been cool. Come to think of it, he could done that to most any of us self-respecting males. The same way Biggie got love in the ’90s for being big, dark and laidback, Barry perfected that demeanor decades earlier.

Having hands down one of the best musical voices of all-time also means damn near everything he released was an entry way into the bedroom and all the theatrics that followed. Go ahead and ask any of your old heads about Barry White and how important he was to their generation and watch the twinkle in their eye light up the room. The other day, I was rummaging through some songs to email to my mother and I came across B.W.’s “Let The Music Play.”

I wasn’t around for the marijuana-filled, sex-crazed (some things never change) decade of the ’70s, but I imagine this got its fair share of spins at parties everywhere. It’s six minutes long, which means plenty of time to let Barry give you the perfect alley-oop for the coveted nightcap.

Barry White – “Let The Music Play” | Download


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