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Smokin’ Dro: Week 1 – “They Don’t Really Know About Dro”

Posted by J. Tinsley on August 30, 2010

“The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.” – Huey Newton

A few weeks ago I informed you the Young Dro revolution was upon us. Well, today marks the official birth. What we have here is a new series I have effectively dubbed “Smokin’ Dro.” It may not seem like it, but the man with more adjectives than an AP grammar class has only one album to claim to his Grand Hustle portfolio (two if you include 2001′s independent I Got That Dro). At some point though, we will all be blessed with his long-awaited sophomore LP P.O.L.O. Until then, I’ll highlight a random Dro record every week really for no other reason than my appreciation for his music. Will it get the album out any quicker? Most likely, it probably won’t. But really, could it hurt?

Song: “They Don’t Really Know About Dro”

Source: Best Thang Smokin’ | Amazon

Favorite Dro-ism: “Water paint Chevy lil’ buddy said that’s my rain car/800 Benz lil’ cuz this ain’t the same car/Danger, anger, Herndon Homes ranger/I was sellin dope before Jesus was in a manger…”

Lifted Thoughts: For this marching band inspired intro, the Polo Don swore people had no clue what they were getting themselves into by pressing play. By the end, however, he was right, but at least it was entertaining in the process. Purely coincidental I’m sure, but not only was August 29 the birthday of the greatest entertainer that ever graced this planet. It also marked four years to the day Dro’s first mainstream project hit shelves. Run tell that.

Young Dro – “They Don’t Really Know About Dro” | Download


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