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REMIX THIS: Kanye West Feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz – “Power”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on August 20, 2010

To borrow from Diddy’s famous intro, “THIS IS THE REMIX!” Nothing can stall the momentum of a hit single more than a remix without power to tackle the original. One thing is for sure Jay and Kanye have had more than few powerful remixes over the years, including one Diamond studded 2nd edition. And with this latest installment to their remix collection they leave nothing to chance.

As should the main artist from the original song Kanye lays down several new verses, the last of which he completely goes foolish on. You may even need to pull up BabelFish for a few of the lines in the last verse. Yeezy channels those who pray to the East for a few lines in Islam before Swizz Beatz adds in his two sense with a change of pace on the beat.

What key elements bring to life a true remix you ask. First something new, something fresh, more than just adding new voices to a track. In this case its the way in which Swizz Beatz incorporates the old school sample from Snap!’s “I Got the Power” track that takes the song to new heights. Then throw in a new element to the track like a verse from the likes Hova and voila you have a remix with staying power.

Notice how that word keeps popping up everywhere. Apparently Yeezy was right, “The Power is within us all.”  

Power to the People.

DL: Kanye West feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz – “Power” (Remix)


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