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NFL Preview (AFC South)

Posted by servontaym on August 10, 2010

As we continue to gear up for the NFL season you can smell the fresh-cut grass and hear the cheering fans. Today is time to get a in-depth look at  what the AFC South has to offer the NFL. Pretty much being dominated by the Indianapolis Colts and sometimes being shared with the Tennessee Titans. The teams that have been bottom feeders in this division the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans hopefully changing that this year.

Indianapolis Colts

Good- Peyton Manning that is all you need on a team to secure at least 10 wins a season and be a playoff contender

Bad- The big question is will their offense line be healthy enough to defend their prized possession Peyton Manning if not its going to be a long year

Tennessee Titans

Good- Chris Johnson is returning after a monster season ready to break more records and hopefully become MVP this season

Bad- Other than Chris Johnson as  offense for the Titans Vince Young really doesn’t have any other weapons which could be a major problem in the later part of the season

Houston Texans

Good- Andre Johnson has a new contract extension so no holdouts in Texans camp which could guarantee more touchdowns and maybe more wins

Bad- After a great rookie season Brian Cushing will have to sit out the first 4 games after failing a drug test so the anchor of the defense will be gone for the beginning of the season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Good- They have a solid starting Quarter back by the name of David Garrard is finally coming into his own and might become a household name

Bad- The Jaguars havent had been a playoff contender in a long time


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