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NFL Preview (AFC North)

Posted by servontaym on August 9, 2010

So to continue  on with the NFL preview Im going to move to the AFC North. Stacked with a bunch of teams  that cant wait to get another championship in the division with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens recent championship winners. The other two teams Cincinnati Bengals  and Cleveland Browns have yet to see a championship but things might change for them.

Baltimore Ravens

Good- The signing of Anquan Boldin was a big move for the Ravens now they can be a strong passing team and give Ray Rice some rest as well

Bad-  The secondary can all be found on the injury list for at least 6 games might be to late to come back from something like that

Cincinnati Bengals

Good-  T.o is in town so  now there is a double threat on both sides of the ball for Carson Palmer to throw to

Bad-  When things get hard Carson Palmer might be the most hated man with Terrell Owens and Ocho Cinco feeling left out and things start getting rough we call it the blame game.

Cleveland Browns

Good- Mike Holgren is the new head Honcho in town and he is far from a loser so be ready for change  in Cleveland

Bad-  The Browns  haven’t had a winning season in  so long they dont know how to win and they have to find a starting Quarterback or they wont go no where.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Good- The hard hitting  Troy Polamalu is back lurking in the secondary healthy and ready to defend his side of the ball

Bad-  The leader the captain is out for at least 4 games maybe more Big Ben Roethlisberger   will be having a clipboard in hand no football pads for him.


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