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NFL Preview (AFC East)

Posted by servontaym on August 8, 2010

The season that half America has been waiting for is finally around the corner. It feels like we have waited 10 years since the Saints rode out as champions of the NFL. Now the slate is clean and everybody starts off number 2 because the Saints are automatically number 1.  So to get everybody ready for the season Im going to tell you the good and bad about every team in the NFL. Not in any particular order but all 32 teams will be talked about. First will be the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills

Good-  They finally got C.J  Spiller into training camp and he can be a Wide receiver and a Running Back and a nice weapon next to Marshawn Lynch

Bad-  If they Score on offense who is going to stop the other team from scoring the Bills Defense needs an anchor or will be trampled by teams like the Patriots, Bengals and Steelers.

Miami Dolphins

Good- Their quarterback Chad Henne has a year under his belt and ready to get the Dolphins back to where they were last year maybe farther.

Bad- Teams have had a full year to learn how to defend the Wildcat that caused so many problems last year.

New England Patriots

Good- Wes Walker is back from his season ending injury a key part to the New England championship run.

Bad- Age their team is getting old you can be young forever as Jay-z would say can they keep up with the young gunz on the league.

New York Jets

Good- They have an all Star offense from Running Back Ladainian Tomlinson, Mark Sanchez and a new edition of  Santonio Holmes if you cant run one day just throw the ball.

Bad- The money  Darelle Revis still hasn’t been to camp because he wants more money then New York has as a state. greed could be the downfall.


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