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Self Explanitory – MMW (Music, Money, Weed) Vol. 2: I Juz Dnt Give A Fu*k

Posted by Mr. Put On on August 2, 2010

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It’s been a long road for Self-Explanitory. and I can truly say that in the last 365 (days, that is) the dude has really stepped it up. His lyrics, his flow, his ability, his message, his depth, they have all substantially improved since back in the day.

From the mispelling of his own name, to his image, to his music, his latest project is just that– Self Explanatory. “I Juz Dnt Give A Fu*k” is a title most fitting for this man who I’ve gotten to know in the past 4 years. Making headway in his rap career, Self-Explanitory has begun to do shows around the south, spanning Virginia to Georgia, and anywhere in-between.

Fact of the matter is, this guy is getting better, and he’s getting a whole lot of good looks from a lot of the right people. With his head square on his shoulders, his history upon his back, and the present and future right in front of him, this dude is on the right track.

With that being said, I encourage you to download his latest tape- MMW Vol. 2: I Juz Dnt Give A Fu*k. Whether you listen to him now, while he’s progressing, or you wait until later, once he’s already established, I guarantee you’ll always be able to feel his music, music from the heart. Take a listen; I’m not saying you’ll fall in love, but I’m saying you’ll see Self-Explanitory’s got that potential.

And for those of ya’ll who are skeptical, I put up two tracks for promotional purposes only.


Party and Bullshit

DL: MMW Vol 2.: I Juz Dnt Give A Fu*k


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