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Batman And Robin

Posted by servontaym on July 28, 2010

Well Terell Owens finally has a home after a long off season. He will be playing for the Cincinattii Bengals  and is welcomed with open arms by the receiver on the other side of the hash marks Chad  Ocho Cinco. This could be the name the new dynamic duo in the league two explosive  Number 1 receivers on the same team. There is not enough Defensive Backs and Line Backers to double both of them so this is going to cause BIG  problems.

 I know everybody calls T.o the problem child of the NFL but the man has matured and I belive that Chad Johnson will balance Mr. Owens out. And if you go back to the Cowboy days where he had the biggest explosion with Tony Romo you have to think about this, Tony Romo was a young QB and never had to deal with a big name player before in the huddle. Carson Palmer on the other hand  has had Chad Johnson in his huddle might be the biggest distraction. Now the two will not only be sharing TV time on VH1 but the same huddle and locker room lets see how far the Bengals go this year.


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