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It’s Dark And Jail Cells Are Cold

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 27, 2010

*The title of this is not meant to poke fun at the situation. Nothing is humorous about a person who continuously finds themselves a production of the American correctional system. I just deemed it appropriate considering who the subject of this post was about.*

The life and times of Earl Simmons is one that not even the best writer can truly describe. We all know about his life, but in recent years, it’s just become depressing. The drugs, the fall in quality of his music and his personal issues have all become public spectacles. Recently, Earl was released from an Arizona prison after serving 90 days for cruelty to animals, theft and drug charges. After jumping on stage with Lil Kim and recording some new music, the controversial Yonkers MC is back in jail again.

DMX plans to turn himself into authorities in a Los Angeles courtroom tomorrow, according to TMZ.

The new arrest is a legacy violation from a 2002 reckless driving conviction. He received probation at the time, but his assorted legal issues warranted a violation.

DMX is expected to serve 90 days in jail.

This whole ‘X going to jail’ story lost its comedic value about three stints ago. Granted this occasion is from an old conviction, but you have to wonder if X will ever be able to get his life in order. I’m no psychologist, so take my words with a grain of salt. It’s just a damn shame that a guy who was once on the same level of popularity and quality of music as Jay-Z has fallen off at such a magnitude. In one sense, I guess you can call it a microcosm of life because stories like this happen everyday to people like me and you.

In another, no one is to really blame for all his but X. And that’s the saddest part of the entire saga. Decisions you make today bear consequences on the rest of your life. I just wish someone would have taken the time to tell DMX this before it ever got to this point.


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