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Don’t Throw Beer On The Game’s Kids

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 26, 2010

Look, it’s some stuff that’s just unacceptable. There comes a point in time when logic has to overpower ignorance. It just has to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen at most Hip-Hop concerts. I understand everyone is under the influence of something and the music is loud and several other factors go into making the atmosphere conducive for some type of altercation to go down. That still doesn’t make it right whenever something does happen.

While at Club Nokia, The Game was finishing up a performance and thanking the fans for coming out to the venue. That’s customary and about half way through the clip I was wondering if this was a waste of time viewing it. Around the 2:27 mark, some form of liquid (beer) was thrown on stage in the direction of Game and his entourage. While that is ignorant, it’s also not necessarily uncommon at rap show for fans to get rowdy and heave things towards the stage. The bad part about it is, it was thrown in the direction of Game while he had his kids on stage with him. Whether his sons should have been at the show in the first place isn’t for me to decide. Game is a parent of two kids and from what I know he’s a good father.

A Hip-Hop concert at a club isn’t exactly where you want your kids, but whatever. That still doesn’t change the fact a grown man (or woman, so as to say I’m not “jumping to conclusion”) took his frustration towards a rapper and brought the man’s kids into it. Jayceon’s goons eventually jumped in the crowd and handled the situation. And everyone lived happily ever after.


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