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DJ Soundwave Interviews Curren$y

Posted by T. Adeyemi on July 26, 2010

So admittedly this video is coming to ya’ll somewhat delayed. Apparently there were some hold ups on the cutting room floor, which is basically PC (politically correct) for somebody was slippin’. Now who that is, we shall leave nameless. But with that in mind we’ll cut this intro short in the essence of getting straight to the main attraction.

Judging by the picture probably recognized The Hot Spitta Curren$y alongside the homie DJ Soundwave, well at least you should have. Either way Soundwave caught up with Spitta at Club 24 in D.C. recently to chop it up about the release of his album Pilot Talk. According to Curren$y the album was  under shipped and even he had trouble finding a copy. Now I don’t know how much truth there is in the latter part of that statement, but there did seem to be a shortage at a few of the local retailers I visited.

But in the essence of keeping my word about keeping this short, I’ll let you click play to hear the rest of these high rollers conversation. P.S. Don’t let Spitta come to your town and you’re not holding, you’re slew if you get in that situation. (No Shots)

–T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

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