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Waka Flocka Sells Out

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 14, 2010

Ok, he didn’t sell out, but like Lowkey, I knew this type of record was coming. Before I get into the actual song, however, let me first say this about Waka Flocka and his music.

1. Am I a fan of his music? I can’t say I’m sold as a “fan” yet, but he has found a lane for himself and it’s working regardless of what hate is thrown his way. Plus, he’s way more marketbale than OJ Da Juiceman probably because he’s slightly more coherent. Then again, that’s like saying you’d rather have pink eye than catch the flu. You don’t like him, don’t listen to his music. Simple as that.

2. The music? It’s nothing that would cause you to believe he’s the next coming of Andre 3000. BUT, his music does channel Lil’ Jon circa 2003. It’s loud. It’s energetic. And above all it’s ignorant. I’ve personally seen guys leave mosh pit with black eyes and bloody lips because of his music and what it does to people. As long as there’s no gunshots or fights, I don’t see the problem. Ok, as long as there are no gunshots. Fights are bound to happen.

3. He’s got two (three if you include the “O Let’s Do It” remix) bonafide hits. That’s more than most people can say nowadays.

But back to the song. It was only going to be a matter of time before Waka began making records that catered to his female demographic. I haven’t listened to every song from the guy, nor have I even listened to half. So, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first track of its kind. The funny thing is, even with the more upbeat and friendly feel, he’s still saying some aggressive stuff. Clean this thing up some more, get a better singer on the hook (not to take Lowkey’s idea, but it is true) and some radio spins and we could be looking at Flocka Flame’s first crossover hit.

Or not.

DL: Waka Flocka – “Here U Go Again”


6 Responses to “Waka Flocka Sells Out”

  1. waka iz so fine its ladi floka in this bitch………….nohands……..

  2. alexys thomas said

    omg waka i<3 u

  3. alexys thomas said

    waka songs make people get up and dance on their bad days he make them feel like something have taken over thier body he is a fun loving guy and for all of his haterz that talk shtuff back off he making his money so gop out there and make yourz so just stop hating it is not worht it and yall say yall dont like him byut yall must like him for him to be on your mind because if he wasnt on your mind and yall wasnt thinking of him then yall hater wouldnt have nothing to say you call your self a real man or women a real man or women can give someone props for what they docome on i am 12 years old and i know this stuff get serious.”RIAN RIAN GO AWAY THATS WHAT ALL YALL HATERZ SAY”


  4. kelli said


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