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Rihanna & Chris Breezy At It Again?!

Posted by Miss Allie Cole on July 14, 2010

Apparently, Art does imitate life…

On Eminem’s new track from his album Recovery, Ri-Ri croons,

Rihanna (Performing live in Dublin, Ireland.)

Just Gonna Stand There and Watch Me Burn

That’s Alright, Because I Like The Way It Hurts

Just Gonna Stand There and Hear Me Cry

That’s Alright, Because I Love The Way You Lie

I Love The Way You Lie…

And all too ironically, Good Girl Gone Bad has recently gotten in contact with Chris Brown. Of course Rihanna’s reps are denying the hell out of these rumors, but according to the  British magazine Heat, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been in contact via-telephone after she saw his impassioned and tear-jerking  Michael Jackson Tribute on the June 2010 BET Award Show this past June.

Chris Brown looking at the 'Man in the Mirror' during his MJ Tribute; BET Awards 2010.

“Seeing how emotional he was on set [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She’d never seen him like that before,” a source [that will remain anonymous] said as quoted by Heat.

It has even been rumored that the two are trying to meet face-to-face soon…but there’s only one SMALL problem there… Chris Brown has to legally be 100 yards from Rihanna at all times…guess they didn’t consider that, huh? [Guess they better keep texting until 2014…]

Rihanna and Chris back in better times...

Chris is very happy to be in contact with his first love again, but could a rekindling of this relationship be fatal the next time around? (Not only to each other’s mental and physical health, respectively, but to their careers as well?)

How will fans react to their friendship and possible relationship?

What kind of message is this sending to their young fans who still look up to them, even AFTER all of this drama has taken place?

What does the new beau Matt Kemp think of all of this?…hmmm….

Rihanna & The New Beau, Matt Kemp.

OR Is this just another PR stunt, since Ri-Ri has recently been experiencing “schedule conflicts” and canceling a lot of her tour dates lately?

Stay tuned…we all know this is not the last we will hear from this twosome…



2 Responses to “Rihanna & Chris Breezy At It Again?!”

  1. Mr. In The Mix said

    Well written article I must say, you proposed a lot of the same questions I wanted answered when I heard this news. I certainly believe its true, look how often it happens with everyday people. PLUS, I still believe she provoked him in the Lambo that nite and she lowkey still feels bad about it. Just my opinion *KanyeShrug*

  2. Well, thank you. I’m glad to know that I could provoke thought and that we share some of the same views on this story. Wonder how it’ll ultimately turn out?

    && Thanks for stopping by Grade A! Make sure you keep those visits coming!


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