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When Rick Ross Met Jay-Z In St. Louis

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 12, 2010

I lie to you not, over the past two days I’ve seen countless tweets and received quite a few text messages regarding this song (“Free Mason”). Truthfully, I haven’t listened to anything from Teflon Don past “B.M.F.” and don’t plan to until I can listen to the entire album at one time. Ok, “Live Fast, Die Young,” but I only listened to that once. But it’s this song which has everyone losing their minds.

Some call it one of Jay’s best verses ever, while one person even told me it’s his best verse. Period. I’m not exactly sure how true that is, but I’ll hear soon enough. I’m saying, the song has to be good if a video is released documenting the making of it and for what I know, it’s not even a single. Rozay explains what it was like the first Sir Shawn heard the final product of their record. Judging by that he was impressed, and every Trey Songz was in attendance.

In addition to the album, be on the lookout for Ross’ “Bossumentary.” That’s where this is from. One more thing, I’ll say it. Teflon Don is shaping up to be epic. Or at least damn good.


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