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Chance Fischer – “The Intermission”

Posted by J. Tinsley on July 10, 2010

Real life is all about managing reality with dreams, which is what most of us do on a daily basis anyway. Do what you have to do now, positioning yourself to do what you want to do later in life. The concept is simple. The execution, however, is what is difficult to conquer. I respect people who dedicate their lives into making their dreams spawn into the physical. It takes guts, but often times the success stories hit home more because they’re so rare. For most, it traces back to the balancing act of everyday life and “what could be.”

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this artist – Chance Fischer out of New York, by way of Richmond, Virginia – thanks to the request of a friend. Even before hearing his music, Fisch had an interesting back story to him. He was raised on the West End of Richmond (not exactly the safest part), but would be entering his senior year at Cornell University in Hotel Administration come this fall. I’m always down to hear new music from back home, but I was praying this wasn’t corny at the same time. Fears eliminated.

Turns out, I liked what I heard in the three songs that were played to me. They represented stories of confidence, soul-searching, college life and the constraints of reality at times as mounting responsibilities present themselves more than opportunities. The first leak, “The Intermission,” is the world’s first introduction to Chance. Backed my a slow, soulful instrumental, the Ivy Leauger’s first showing is an aggressive one.

“Rather pay respects before I ever pay some dues dog
Murkin’ every rapper thinkin’ we gon’ have a cool spar
Killin’ all your pride, yeah n*gga, I’m the new Scar
It won’t be no cliffhangers, makin’ all of you fall
Tell ‘em get at me, no Twitter
My pitch leave no hitters
Flow is gettin’ Pur’r, their tracks need more Brita…”

The aforementioned topics and more essentially compose the musical fabric of his debut project, HERE. Expect that to drop later this month.

Chance Fischer – “The Intermission” | Download


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