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South Beach Miami

Posted by servontaym on July 7, 2010

The pieces are starting to finally starting to fall together after a week of free agency. The new piece to fall is who would Chris Bosh be playing alongside with. Early this morning the reports according to is that Chris Bosh will be in South Beach Miami joining Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat. This is explains why Bosh cut off all his dreads when free agency started no more cold weather for him.

It is now up to Lebron James to give everybody a decision tomorrow on where he will be playing next year. The most important piece of the puzzle that will let all other free agents find a home. Will Lebron actually go to New York and join Amare Stoudemire at Madison Square Garden? Will he go through the tunnel and join his best friend  Jay-z  in New Jersey and bring the Nets out of the grave?  or will there be a new triangle offense run in Miami with D-Wade, Bosh and King James. Just don’t count Cleveland out  yet they are still the number one contenders in the chase for Lebron James. Tomorrow will be an interesting day make sure you are locked into BRONcenter tomorrow.


One Response to “South Beach Miami”

  1. Chris Ross said

    The Bosh-Wade signing leaves some big questions with Lebron if he will be willing to take less money to go to miami i think not but who knows. Chicago might still be the option but Cleveland is also a great possibiltity. But I guess Bosh moving to Miami with Wade was sort of the first speculation and what people expected from the start. But that changed recently with all the new speculation that never came to fruition. Now I’m Excited to see what’s in store for Miami. I think that Bosh will excel in Miami because Wade will open up space for him and visa-versa. If they can add the right pieces it is sure going to a team to be reckoned with. You think you could check out my blog as well cuz I really want to know your thoughts on my thoughts :).

    P.S. i like the featured model on the side 😉

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