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Like Father Like Son

Posted by servontaym on June 29, 2010

After the BET awards you could see that Lil Wayne still had his mark in hip hop even if he was locked away on Rikers Island. From his protegé Drake winning a BET award an also hitting the stage and Nicki Minaj also winning an award also performing ,Wayne didnt have to be there at all. It was like  a proud father moment for him also with his Young Money team getting a BET award nomination. But I can’t even credit all this success to Lil Wayne it all starts back with the Hotboyz.

Baby started this trend when he found Lil Wayne that was his Drake at the time. He then assembled the Hotboyz which is the equivalent of Young Money. The Hot Boyz had their run at top for a few years and then things got rocky and the group broke up, leaving the best person in the group on their own to blow up…… Wayne.  The father did it first is this what Jr. has in his mind with the new Young Money. Its going to be a while till we know but remember there was never a girl in the Hot Boyz so Nicki Minaj has nothing to worry about. Now all the other 5542654 members better get some number one hits soon.


One Response to “Like Father Like Son”

  1. Chadwick said

    I agree Young Sir…Young Money will not last very long. Drake & Nicki will more than likely succeed and leave the other no names as a part of History. ESPECIALLY the so-called “10 Year Vet” in the game Jae Millz…Although, I do have a sneaky suspicion that Tyga may make a little noise eventually too.

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