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Freddie Gibbs Has A Problem With The World

Posted by J. Tinsley on June 29, 2010

“Mama can’t sleep cause I’m way too deep in the streets/She would pray all through the night/Every rhyme that I spit is real sh#t ’cause it’s just another day in my life…”

Beneath a city ravaged with years of drugs, murder and corruption, a sliver of hope remains. Someone who embodies the anguish, yet harbors the ability to recite it with near flawless lyrical ability. Harboring a pound of OG Kush, a freshly cracked open bottle of Hennessy and the pain and struggle he has witnessed throughout his life, Freddie Gibbs writes. He documents.

“Playa haters, f#ck ‘em/Record labels, f#ck ‘em/Radio, f#ck ‘em/Oh, my sh#t still be bumpin’/Never change my style up for any of ‘em/I’m strictly thuggin’…”

Like 2Pac’s project 15 years his senior, to understand Gibbs’ “me against the world” mentality is to understand his story and his independence. The industry, like the streets, has been the downfall of many. Dreams of a quick flip, a way out impoverished conditions and fast money pollute the minds of street hustlers and rappers across the country. However, the outcome is rarely that beautiful.

This is why Gibbs presents the resentment in the manner he does. He has seen both sides of the coin – and managed to survive with his sanity intact. His pride is worth more than any hit single could ever offer. His integrity will take him further than any major label co-sign can provide. Just surviving isn’t enough though. It’s fulfilling a prophecy he has yet to truly learn the true answer to which haunts him. That’s why he continues to write. He continues to document.

The world is rough place and will never make apologies for this. Expecting it to is a losing battle, regardless how much of a fight is presented. That’s life. Waking up every morning with the same problems from last night? That’s the world.

It’s also the same reason Pac and Freddie G said “f#ck it.”

Freddie Gibbs – “National Anthem (F#ck The World)” (Prod. by Josh The Goon & Speakerbomb) | Download

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