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Free Agents

Posted by servontaym on June 28, 2010

In about 3 days the gates will open and NBA teams  will have the chance to talk to all the free agents available.  This might be one of the most anticipated free agent periods in NBA history and every team wants to make room for at least one max contract to get a big name playing for their team. These moves can make or break a team even bring a championship to a franchise.  The NBA draft started this frenzy with so many trades  and releasing of players, the Miami Heat made the most  impact by clearing enough room for at least 3 big name free agents.   With all this happening can Pat Riley keep the franchise Dwayne Wade or will he go back home to play with the Chicago Bulls ? Either way everybody wants  the biggest name out there Lebron James once he is signed that should seal everybody elses fate with teams. We might not have to wait for 4th of July to see fireworks the way this free agent class is stacked. Just imagine one team like the Knicks, Bulls or Heat   could get a combination of all-stars like   Amare Stoudemire Lebron James and Joe Johnson on the same team . This summer is going down in the history books.


2 Responses to “Free Agents”

  1. Holla If Ya Hear Me said

    Well put mi dude…Real Talk David Stern is begging for high turnover and hella controversy. Because let’s be honest, the draft was THE WORST! No “Real” Superstars and everybody after pick 10 was a Nobody. So all the way live anybody who’s in anyway into Sports shouls have an App or Sportscenter flowing on July 1st…Good post mi dude.

  2. Chris Ross said

    This is a great blog you got going here! I think that the big problem that is going to face these top tier free agents is the ability to find a good supporting cast because teams have shed so much salary in order to get them. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I really want to know what your opinion is on my thoughts.

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