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Chris Brown’s Come Back : BET 2010 Music Awards

Posted by Miss Allie Cole on June 28, 2010

Chris Brown, 2010 BET Awards, MJ Tribute

I don’t care what you say: friend or foe, love him or hate him, you just can not deny the talent of Chris Brown, ESPECIALLY after last tonight’s performance. It is surely one of the BEST of the night, indisputably.

Yesterday, at the 2010 BET Music Awards, Chris Breezy WOW ‘D the audience with his remarkable performance during the Michael Jackson Tribute . He took over the stage with incredible accuracy of MJ’s choreography and executed every last move , dotting every ‘i’, and crossing every ‘t’. If that didn’t draw you into the performance, the fact that he poured his heart and soul into the performance during ‘Earth Song’ and ‘Man in the Mirror’ definitely would have.

So tell me, what do you all think? Were those tears of emotion sincere? OR Was it merely a PR stunt? (Because we all know that Chris hasn’t had a major performance since 2009, when the Rihanna-domestic violence-incident was revealed to the world.) Were those tears more than tears of admiration of his idol, Michael? –Were they tears of remorse and redemption, even a thank-you and an implied apology for his mistakes?

Either way, after last night, friends, ex-fans, and haters alike will probably being seeing a lot more of him this year.

Chris also took home the fandemonim award, and clearly he HAS taken a look at the man in the mirror and intends to change his ways as he tell his fans (during the acceptance of his award), “I let you all down before, but I won’t do it again. I promise you.”

Breezy, Don't Let Us Down...We've Missed You!

Chris…we sure hope you mean this, because you’ve been away TOO long.



One Response to “Chris Brown’s Come Back : BET 2010 Music Awards”

  1. R.E.Dykes Sr. said

    he is still soully intact

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