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New Music From The Diplomats – “Salute”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 26, 2010

Dip…Dip…Dip Set! Guess who’s back like cooked colc crack? Indeed it seems that Cam’ron was in the kitchen cooking up the raw, and the product still seems to feel just that good. The Dipset movement of the early to mid 2000’s has forever been etched in Hip Hop history. This is evident by the street anthems that still provide a heavy crowd response at any club night across the U.S. But furthermore the group has managed to continue to create buzz in a together but separate roundabout way. Now however, it seems the Dipset reunion is complete with the release of new music featuring all the original members.

After running this track back about 10 times you can’t help but mentally travel back a few years to the times where these dudes were at the top of the game. Now as four seasoned vets in the game they all bring a little bit different sound. Jimmy has certainly grown from his random and questionable bars on the first installment of Diplomatic Immunity. Cam has established himself as one of the most unique rhyme spitters of all time, most recently playing mentor to his young boy Vado. And maybe the most improved would be Juelz who at times dazzled during his rookie season. Now, he has consistently garnered enough respect to be labeled as possibly the best MC of the group.

Apparently, two things can be learned from this situation. One is that egos can be put aside at times for the greater good, especially when the goods are still in demand. Secondly, all breakups are not  forever and some groups do get back together (message to The Fugees.) Dipset/Byrdgang/Skullgang whatever they want to be called…Salute dem.

The Diplomats – “Salute” (Prod. by Araab Muzik) | Clean


Just in case you missed the warning signs of the impending reunion check out the video below.

Props to MissInfo

–T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

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