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Eminem Talks Near “Career Suicide” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 24, 2010

Since the moment Eminem’s latest album, Recovery, leaked, one of the tidbits many focused on was his revelation on the track “Talkin’ 2 Myself.” Here, Marshall admitted that during his days of drug addiction, he damn near dissed Kanye and Lil Wayne. His reasoning being they were the two who were “killing the game” (the good kind) at that point in time. I know the first time I gave the album a spin that this statement caught me by surprise mainly because of the honesty. When it comes to Hip-Hop, I’m a sucker for honest type tracks. It’s also proof of the paranoid drug addiction can subconsciously induce.

Now whether it would have been “career suicide” like Em referred to it, that remains to be seen. A diss track by a high, loopy Eminem is probably 80% better than most any other rapper sober and focused. I do agree it would have been a bad move, however. No one likes a hater and that’s exactly what Em would have looked like had he went through with this decision. Fast forward to today and it’s good to see Marshall back to doing what he does best. According to Mikey, the pride and joy of 8 Mile is projected to push between 590-615K first week.


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