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Beanie Sigel Disses Drake: The Saga Continues

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 24, 2010

It is truly sad when you see people begin to lose their touch. In this case not because of old age, but instead because of being old news. Unfortunately, Beanie Sigel seemingly has not received the memo that he is no longer relevant in any way. Now, I won’t condemn him for speaking out and immediately say that what he’s doing is simply a ploy to revitalize what’s left of a promising career that truthfully ended up being lack luster. Honestly, back in the hay day of The Roc Beanz was the premiere mic man of the crew (of course behind Hov) and excluding The Diplomats. However, for all his potential he never did live up to his full potential. But to make things worse he’s decided to diss a man who already clearly stated he wouldn’t respond.

“I want it all, That’s why I strive for it,
Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it”

Drake so poignantly spoke those words in what many still consider to be his biggest hit, “Successful.” And from that point on the precedent was set, if you decided to diss Drake you would look like the fool. So for Beanie to now throw shots in Drake’s direction it seems like words from a man hurt by the ills of the world and looking to take his frustrations out on anyone in sight.

Apparently, prison hasn’t changed The Broad Street Bully because he continues to portray that persona even though his respect level Hip Hop wise has diminished immensely. Understandable are his continues threats towards Jay, we’ve been down this road before. However, even Jay has already addressed the issue and moved on. Any realist can admit that more than likely there were some shady things that happened behind the scenes during the Roc-A-Fella days, but those days are pages in the Hip Hop history book now.

The onus here is on Beanie to quit putting out these diss records, stop talking slick on these street DVD’s, and man up and admit its time to focus his energies on his on endeavors. Is that likely to happen anytime soon, doubt it. But two things are for certain, Drake won’t respond to a beef he never should have even been mentioned in. And Jay-Z is going to continue being about his business. Besides in the words of the man himself, “Sigel was the name that they gave me,” try focusing on that brotha.

–T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

19 Responses to “Beanie Sigel Disses Drake: The Saga Continues”


    fuck that fat mother fucker, no one can see drake, hes just a jealous fat fuck….

    • kfkhc said

      true,nikka needs to stop blowing that green shit before he starts eating.You was accused of murder for eatin your motha.

  2. saint said

    i can understand what hes saying. hes getting at jayz not drake, but since everyones kewl with jayz he;; fuck with them too if he has to

    i love drake but either way he is a bitch lol

  3. T. Adeyemi said

    WoW! Sounds like you got a lotta animosity towards Beans…What did he do to you? LoL

  4. Jessica said

    Beanie Sigel is hot garbage.

  5. fat motherfucker hater said

    this fat motherfucker wants attention. i cant believe this greesy lips thinks he is hard. jay z would voodo the shit out of him

  6. JFRESH said

    Your crazy thinkin Drake is better than Beanie… Beanie one of the men who made it possible for Drake.. Beanie way harder.. Drake a Jewish Canadian, never been hood, never will be.. Just caus he hang with Wayne you think he hard, Drake is soft, Good lyricist, but soft! Beanie got it all, and still can hang with Drake.. If they went at it one on one, Beanie comes out hand down… Get up on your Rap history.. All the little fucks comin up on Wayne n Soulja Boy, go listen to some Biggie or Cube from back in the day, better yet some 2pac.. Get up on your shit

    • papi culo said

      What the fuck you talkin’? Beanie might be harder in the streets, but Drake is the better lyricist. Period. And what the fuck does Cube got to do wit wayne? I’ll take an Amerikkkas most wanted over any album wezzy EVER makes. Boy, you confused. All these mugs comin out the word work mad cuz Drake doin’ it. I didn’t like him at first but A, I give cred where it is do and ya boy is rappin about shit he actually doin’. He ain’t bangin, slangin, or nuttin’. He just makin’ hits and livin’ off the wealth, and lil GREEZY signed him cuz he know he about over.

    • David said

      who gives a fuck if your hood???? drake isn’t soft he brings it hard on his music… what did drake do to beanie? you made it sound like drake started this….you a hater thats what makes drake successful is you nigga….the difference between drake and 2pac/biggie is those legends are gangsta but they dead. R.I.P..drake won’t ever get killed over some gangsta shit…history is history

  7. AXA_Boi1da said

    cush rolled glass full i prefer the better things “niggas with no money” act like money isnt everything im having a good time “they just trying to ruin it” shout out to the fact that im the youngest nigga doing it —, Drake “thank me later” Up All Night

    i think p.diddy said it back in the late 90’s more money more problem but thats a shadow of an understatement

    hip hop is like a competition if you have the torch fuel it and carry it if not it will be taken from you..

    R.I.P sigel grow up and get off that.. drake wont be around for ever just lik you so in the famous words of the man drizzy “get over it”

  8. YoBitcAsHotAsIce said

    haha fat fuck u just want somm attention u lil bitch

  9. T. Adeyemi said

    Well Damn, AXA_Boi1da said it best. I agree completely, plus ya’ll need to remember that we’re talking about music & lyrics. Drake isn’t “soft” musically, and who cares about that street talk from Sigel. Its not like they’re going to see each other in the street one day and duke it out so Sigel might as well just quit since he’s already far behind. IMO

  10. WHAAT! said

    To all yall niggaz callin this man a bum. this dude will beat you bloody, get locked for it, get out, and do it again!!!………… yall feel some type of way say it to that mans face……………….

  11. denero said

    beenie use to be hard but who cares, when is niggas going to learn to keep your bussiness out the streets, video, and t.v. real hard niggas keep it low and stay low. only dum ass niggas get caught and want somebody else to watch, or babysite. jay dont have to babysite his ass. nigga stop crying and make dat music everybody know you can. gansta shit on the mic is play out. dum ass niggas never learn to keep their nose clean. ha ha ha

  12. Shovels said

    Beanz is hard. Drake’s alright. The author of this story seems really don’t know how to write. way too much of a drake dick rider for real.

  13. drake#1 said

    nigga shut yo fucin fat azz up wit yo mutha fucin yellow azz fucin seat here fucin tryin drake cuz da nigga better then yo fat azz sucka dickk bytch u a fucin bitch a pussy azz igga hatin on drake nigga bresh yo fucin teeth bytch datz wat u fat azz need 2 fucin do…..dissin drake wat da fuc nigga who u iz u think u better than drak nigga drake dont see yo pussy azz

  14. Young Papi-Yo said

    I don’t think rappers are mad at Drake; were mad at the public for supporting that wack shit. Most artists like Beans do more than just rap. All Drake does is rap and sing. He’s an entertainer that’s it. We some street dudes that just happen to rap. You lil internet punks don’t understand what rap music means to the artist who’s really in the struggle! Young Papi-Yo riding wit you Mack! Kiss my ass if you can’t relate bitchs.

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