Grade A Certified

Grade A: The Weekly Drop 6.21.10

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 21, 2010

Is D.C.'s Jade-X ready to be the next Grade A Model of the Month?


From us to you, here’s a few news worthy stories that we found informing and/or interesting and decided to share with you. Trust us, your week will be for the better by checking out these links. If not, well at least you have some water cooler conversation starters *Kanye Shrug*. 

11 Music Superstars Who are Technically One-Hit Wonders [11 points] 

Erykah Badu Talks Love Life, Selling Sex and Radio [SingersRoom] 

The Champ Is Here: Ron Artest’s New Rap Song Vs. 10 Other Championship Anthems [Vibe] 

Tattoo You: The New Needle of Hip Hop [HipHopDX] 

10 Most Memorable Quotes from the 2010 NBA Finals [TheRapUp] 

Retired NBA Player Manute Bol Dies At 47 [BallerStatus] 

5 Funniest Latino Dads [SiTV] 

Biggie Wrote Lil’ Kim’s Rhymes [Video] [HipHopWired] 

Just in case you were slippin’ on ya pimpin’ last week here’s a Flashback of a few articles that hit the site: 

Grade A: “The Rose That Grew From Concrete…” 

Grade A: ABC’s Martin Bashir Interviews Diddy on “Being Diddy” 

Grade A: J. Cole & Drake “Bonded By Date” 

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