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Dr. Dre x Jay-Z – “Under Pressure”

Posted by Okla Jones on June 17, 2010

Some call it a myth, while others call it an urban legend so to speak; but the fact of the matter is DETOX may actually be released this year (though I’m not holding my breath…). After dozens of push-backs and fine tuning, it appears as if the Good Doctor is ready to drop what could possibly be the most anticipated album of the decade. The pre-cursor to any LP I believe, would be the artist’s first single. In this instance, Dre has enlisted a well-known emcee who hails from Brooklyn, New York as the featured musician on this track entitled “Under Pressure”.

Since it’s been over ten years since Andre Young has released an official studio album, along with both the critical acclaim and commercial success of his previous two CDs, there are extremely high expectations for DETOX. Either way, Dr. Dre is a perfectionist, so I strongly believe that it will not disappoint. Take a listen to the first single, and you be the judge.

DL: Dr. Dre x Jay-Z – “Under Pressure”


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