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Shannon Brown Violates LAX Air Space

Posted by T. Adeyemi on June 16, 2010

Simply put, you’re seeing this post for only two reasons. One, because I’ve tried to stay humble and just let the series play out between the Lakers & the Celtics. But for some reason all of the “out of the closet” Boston Celtics fans will not let me live during each & every game. So as part of my vow to get even and shed my non bragging cloak of humbleness I was wearing, I had to post this as a highlight to just how great of a sight game 6 of the NBA Finals was last night.

Secondly, after pressing play and sitting through the well worth the wait of 30 seconds of ads you will soon see just how and where “Amazing Happens.” So come with me Lakers Nation as we take flight alongside Pilot Shannon Brown as he does a fly by Top Gun style without permission from the control tower. In the words of the homie Blake Kelly, “Airplanes are cool.” I agree, don’t you?

–T. Adeyemi
“Be Real, Be true, Keep It 100.”

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