Grade A Certified


Posted by servontaym on June 15, 2010

Growing up you always hear that Karma was a B#$$$ and that it would always catch up to you. Well in the past two weeks Karma has caught up with her new friend Lane Kiffin. Yes the Lane Kiffin who left Tennessee after one year to take the most illustrious job in college football, coach of the USC Trojans. After leaving the Tennessee Volunteers high and dry after one year he was the most hated man in Tennessee. But all was good to Kiffin since he did finally get his dream job after Pete Carroll smelt the smoke and left to become coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Karma came knocking on Kiffin’s doors at USC when the NCAA handed the Trojans a two-year bowl ban, four-year probation, loss of scholarships and forfeits  an entire year’s games for improper benefits to Reggie Bush during the Trojans’ 2004 national championship run. That might not even be the worst part Juniors and Seniors on the team right now can leave from USC transfer without even sitting out a year and other schools can also come  recruit Juniors and Seniors from USC. This was not what  Lane Kiffin saw in his dreams of bringing another national championship to USC. If that’s not enough Karma to change a man’s life I don’t know what is.  And things are still not on Kiffin’s side with the Pac -10 making changes and not being top-heavy with USC always on top, with the addition of Colorado. Lane Kiffin has a long road ahead of him now, so if you still don’t beleieve in Karma ask the most hated man in Tennessee.


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