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Grade A: Blake Kelly – Feelin’ Good (Remix) [Video]

Posted by Mr. Put On on May 29, 2010

Left to right: @SingDuke, @RockstarBK, @UrGirlCrib

Finally, we’ve got some new visuals from Blake Kelly.

Well I’m not sure about you, but I’m constantly awaiting new material from Mr. Kelly. So I was excited when I received this in my e-mail. The Rockstar BK is up and running, making music (and videos apparently), on the road, and doing shows around the DMV and beyond. This summer don’t be surprised if you see this man opening up for some of your favorite artists.

With production assists from Mark Jackson and Ya Money, I’m expecting big things from Blake’s next compilation. He released Forest Fires on 4/21 and to much chagrin it hadn’t reached the standards set by Higher Education.

“Forest Fires was just a bunch of music I had already done. It was 4/20, I felt like putting it out… just wanted to get it off my chest, put it out there. I wanted to move on to making new records with the old ones of my conscious.”-Blake Kelly

For me, an overly flooded market of “Weed Smoking Music” was the main cause of my discontent. Especially being that I wasn’t a celebrant of 4/20 the random compilation of music in recognition of that stanky danky wasn’t highly appealing.

Blake Kelly is an artist with a lot to say, and many ways to say it. His eclectic flows, and incorporation of different types of production sounds is one main thing that sets him apart. We can definitely expect a lot from Blake this coming season, so stay tuned, follow Grade A and Mr. Higher Ed on twitter.

Consider this your Put On.


2 Responses to “Grade A: Blake Kelly – Feelin’ Good (Remix) [Video]”

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  2. hameed101 said

    thats wats up……..nice!

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