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Kanye West ‘Powerful’ Return To Hip Hop

Posted by J. Tinsley on May 28, 2010

You rap guys and girls had eight months to get your sh*t together. If you did, excellent. If you didn’t, well, UPS is always hiring.

When Kanye appeared on Jay Leno a night after the now infamous “Swift-gate” fiasco, no one knew how long he’d be gone when he mentioned the notion of “taking time off.” Hell, I figured at the most two months. Three  at the max. After about the fifth month, concern began to creep in as to whether or not ‘Ye would ever return to rap. Sure, there were rumors circulating about secret Hawaiian recording sessions with Drake and Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, but the same thing has been said about Detox for years. This road felt familiar. Too familiar.

Great artist or overrated, hot or not – one thing Kanye is to Hip-Hop is important. Not important in a statistical sense, but in a cultural frame. Fans are fickle, crazy and, for the most part, have unrealistic expectations. People want an artist with the lyrical range of Nas, but public persona of Lil Wayne. Or the insight of Talib with the edge of T.I. What Kanye represents is a blend between artistic integrity and mainstream notoriety. He’ll birth songs which will ring in nightclubs nationworldwide, but also draft records which touch emotions not often exposed in Hip-Hop. What he offers are pride and arrogance, but with a dose of reality to match. One of the few artists to ever successfully pull this off? Tupac.

Kanye’s new record “Power” marks a triumphant return to a game he left in limbo months ago. Perfect timing, too. The weather’s heating up. This is when the stars come out and take over. Jay-Z taught us that. And if there was ever a doubt about where his mind was…

“You short minded niggas thoughts is Napolean
My furs is Mongolian
My ice bought the goalies in
I embody every character, mystic of the egotistic
He knows, he know, so fuckin’ gifted
Just needed time alone, with my own thoughts
Treasures in my mind, but couldn’t open up my own vault
My childlike creativity, purity and honesty
Is honestly be crowded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catching up with me
Taking my inner child, I’m fighting for custody
With these responsibilities they entrust in me…”

Yeah,  he’s right. No one man should have all that power.

DL: Kanye West feat. Dwele – “Power”


2 Responses to “Kanye West ‘Powerful’ Return To Hip Hop”

  1. Kanye West’s first career productions came on Chicago rapper Grav’s 1996 debut album Down to Earth. ‘-,

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